Valentines Nails featuring Ted Baker…

Happy Valentines Nails

As much as I repeatedly fall head over heels in love with soft muted neutrals, for me there’s nothing quite like a splash of sparkle to really catch the eyes of any admirer. Of course quite a few of my regular readers will be aware of just how much I was gushing over the stunning Ted Baker beauty box in Mondays post: Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty Box Set. Apart from a treasure trove full of gorgeous rose gold & crisp white cosmetic goodies, there was two very pretty nails polishes included in the set as well. Being slightly uhhhbsessed with tinted talons at the moment I couldn’t wait to give these gorgeous shades a test drive myself…

Ted Baker Nail Polish

However, as Valentines days is almost upon us I really wanted to go for a chic yet signature look – and what better way to achieve this than a wash of Ted Baker soft latte with a single glitzy ‘feature nail’ to mark such a loved up occasion? Naturally, a bold and vibrant red sprang to mind as I began imagining how gorgeous the contrast would be between an eye catching pillar box red and the soft muted grey tones of the latte.

Ted Baker Nail Polish

For the main colour I used the Ted Baker on all my nails apart from the opposing ring fingers. Did it apply well? Hmm, I have to say on initial application it seemed a little too streaky for my liking as it was very thin in consistency, however the second coat really helped to bulk up the impact of the colour. The only thing I wasn’t consistently impressed with was the brush *sigh* For such a reputable brand it just seemed so cheap and difficult to work with. There was no resistance in the nylon bristles and if I didn’t know better I would have assumed it was more along the lines of a cheaper range. Having said that even some of my most inexpensive varnishes have great brushes, so why can’t Ted Baker step up to the mark? As a coveted brand with a cult following of label lovers I’m pretty surprised that the only thing to really let down this polish was the brush – something that really does make one heck of a difference when it comes to applying a smooth layer of polish.

Valentines Nail

Anyways, forgetting about the brush… the dried (two coat) finish of the polish is beautiful and with a extra strong top coat could easily last well up to (or beyond) a week, so pretty much above average in terms of lifespan. As for me, I rebelled and choose to live dangerously without the protection of a top coat, just to see how long I could get without any chips or wear. Disappointingly, I only managed to reach day 3 before signs of stress started to show. However once I finally succumbed to reapplying with a top coat, I’m now well into day 6 and it still looks pretty darn fresh!

NYC Crystal Couture and Max Factor Nailfinity

As for my ‘feature nail; I couldn’t think of a better duo than this gorgeous pair of hotties. Its the Max Factor Nailfinity & NYC Crystal Couture in Ruby Queen. For this look I only used one coat of the Max Factor as a base and built the rest up with two gloriously glittery coats of the sparkliest red polish I could dig out of my collection. The Crystal Couture really lifts the nail and makes it look like a miniature match of those gorgeous little ruby slippers that Dorothy wore from Wizard of Oz. It’s vibrant, vivacious and oh-so-perfect for Valentines don’t you think gals?

Ted Baker NYC Crystal Couture Max Factor Nails

How do you like the final result? Personally I’m loving the soft muted shade with a vibrant pop of ruby red. It’s super eye catching and the perfect finger accessory for a fun Valentines mani look! Speaking of which, wishing every one of you a wonderful weekend filled with love… regardless of whether you’re married, single or just ready to mingle. Make it a fabulous one ladies ❤

Valentines Nails Ted Baker

What’s your favourite polish colours for Valentines? Have you got an awesome look you’d like to share? What’s your plans for the coming weekend? Whatever your thought I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by to say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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43 thoughts on “Valentines Nails featuring Ted Baker…

  1. Very cute nails, the main colour is really classy and that little pop of red is really nice,great idea and so cute for Valentine’s day,I love one nail that is different it is a subtle difference but makes a lovely change from one colour x Dawn

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    • Awwh thank you so much Dawn – much appreciated to read such awesome feedback! Glad you like it as much as I do! I just love the combo of the two colours 🙂 Was very suiting for Valentines XXXX


  2. The Ted Baker nail shade looks pretty awesome but it is sad to her that the brush is quite hard to work with. Well, to be honest, brush and formula are the vital components for any nail varnish if one is not good, then it is pretty hard to work along. Most importantly, I’m so surprised to see this low quality from Ted Baker nail polish range.

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    • Arrrrgh the brush – it really did annoy the life out of me! I love the colour but putting it on was so much hard work thanks to such a cheap brush. If they’d just have invested in something a bit more decent *sigh* I really did expect more from it being as the brand is so pricey… thankfully though the top coat really evened things out! Maybe it’s just this colour?! I have no idea, but there is some beautiful little sets online – when they come down in price I’ll check them out – if they’re just as bad it’ll be the last polish purchase from me *sob* Thankfully though the makeup is beautiful 🙂 XXXXX

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