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Howdy Chums…

I thought I’d mix things up a bit and try something a little fun for this weeks YouTube chatter as I rummage through my hoards of eye shadow pots & palettes to discuss some of my most cherished purchases… and with the lovely Traci Anne from Traci Anne Loves nominating me to jump on the bandwagon with this rather fabulous tag, what a better opportunity to take a nosey through my cosmetic drawers?!

Being ever-so-slightly obsessed with eye shadows (they’re probably my top beauty splurge) I was struggling for choice when it came to making my final edits! Too much choice is never a good thing, or is it gals? 😉 However, like any brave beauty blogger, I prevailed and finally concocted my list of showcase shadows for her questions… along with a few swatches and bargain finds thrown in for good measure.

So if you’re looking for a way to procrastinate for a few minutes then why not get yourself comfy – you might wanna grab a cuppa for this one ladies! Oh, and don’t forget your wishlist… just incase there’s a few items you need to jot down along the way 😉

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As always, thanks so much for watching & don’t forget if you want to jump right in and take part then check out the questions under the description box on YouTube. You don’t have to have a channel to take part, you can always make it a fun feature on your blog! Why not eh?

Cheerio chums…

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20 thoughts on “The Eye Shadow Junkie TAG…

  1. Ooh did you get a little hair cut snipperoo? Yayyy for the Naked palette. You can’t go wrong with those pretty colors! The NYC brand is awesome. I haven’t used much of their products, but the ones I have used, I was impressed. Good choice with your fav palette! Naked 3!! Xoxo

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    • I sure did, but I got it a few weeks ago now huni so it must just be that it’s straight it looks different lol Yep, NYC really did surprise me on this one, love that little palette and so annoyed it’s running low and I can’t buy another one *sob* My local store seems to have done away with the brand – bizarre! Of course, love my NK 3 😀 XXXX

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