What’s In My Bag…

Hello lovelies,

Yes, I’m back again this week with another fun filled YouTube rambling as I team up with the gorgeous Laura from Polka Dot Tea Pot as we rummage through our pretty new handbags to show you what we hoard on a daily basis!

So if taking a nosey through my belongings sounds like a good way to procrastinate for ten minutes then why not grab yourself a cuppa & get comfy as I have a quick chatter about the treasure trove of essential goodies that follow me around each day 🙂

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What essentials could you not live without in your handbag? Have you any tips for organising your handbag? Or maybe you’ve uploaded a similar video or post recently? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below. Happy hump day!

Cheerio Chums….

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32 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag…

  1. Your new bag is beautiful Karen, such a beautiful colour! I love the ‘Little cosmetic bag’ and the bumblebee bag – so cute! ❤ I pretty much agree with everything you keep in your bag. Your hair looks lovely in this video too! Xx

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  2. Yayy for the iPhone 4, haha! I loveeeee that little cosmetic bag-super cute. Admin part of your bag, ha nice 😀 I bet your favorite is the bills part and your favorite is the payslips. These videos are always so much fun. I really like this one persons video of the whats in my handbag named Karen from Confetti and Curves! Xoxo

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    • Thank you so much indeed 🙂 What a lovely compliment!!! So great you found me through Laura, she’s such a sweetie! Always great to connect with new blog buddies so really looking forward to popping over and saying hello 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by huni ❤ XXXX


    • This is my first light coloured bag from memory huni, very nice to have a change but working hard on keeping it sparkly clean 😀 hehe Hey the less the better – who needs a phone when you have a glorious notebook 😉 Thanks again for watching chick, you’re such a gem *huge hugs* XXX

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      • All hail glorious notebooks- I really liked yours by the way! I think not having a phone is just another way I can try to stay in the moment, but it’s always good to be connected, so it’s kind of a mix of pros and cons haha, but thank you for replying, chat soon! Xxxxxxx

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      • I’m SUCH a notebook addict huni – it’s crazy!!! Note books and post it notes… you’d swear they were breeding in my house lol Totally get your view point on the phone – they can be incredibly distracting, seems like the whole world is glued to them! Wish my sister had your outlook, it riles me up so much!!! Grrr! lol Have a great weekend lovely XXXX

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