What I Got For Christmas…


I know, I know… just as the fairy lights, sparkly baubles and giant stockings are packed away for the year, I go and mention it all again *dramatic eye roll* However over Christmas & the new year so many of my awesome blog buddies kept in touch via email and a few of you were keen to know what goodies were awaiting me under the tree come Christmas morning… so naturally I thought it would be a little more handy to show y’all in the form of a fun video! Apologies it’s a little later than planned ladies but hey… better late than never right?

I’m personally a huuuuge fan of noseying at what pressies others got for the big day, so if you’ve done a similar post or YouTube upload pleeeease go right ahead & leave the link for me below as I’d love to check it out too 🙂

pink heart

So go grab something yummy to sip on & get yourself comfy as I give you guys a little peek at some of the newest additions to my list of favourite things. Oh, and do let me know in the comments if you had a favourite pressie this year! ❤

Cheerio Chums…

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28 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas…

    • Awwh thank you huni, I thought I done very well indeedly – was so lovely waking up to all that awesome stuff! So many things I’ve wanted to try out though the Ted Baker was a surprise… super pretty ❤ hehe Oooh I tried out the MAC Craving and I'm sure you would love it Chanelle – I think it would look beautiful with your skin tone and gorgeous hair colour! Its a fabulous rich rosey pink shade, very pretty! Can't WAIT to see your post now – thank you sooo much for including the link as I have soooooo much blog visiting to do!!! *hugs* XXXX

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    • I was SO blooming shocked Mil, lighting has been my evil nemisis, nightmare trying to film in winter time when everything is so gloomy and normal lights make everything look so yellow! Really handy pressie indeed 😀 Thanks so much for watching lovely, hope you’re having a great week!! XXXX

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  1. Omg, did you cut your hair?! It looks great if you did 🙂 love the MAC lipsticks! And they smell like vanilla or frosting, yummm ahhhh the Blushing Hearts! So cute. It’s like the Too Faced Sweethearts blush. I’ve never heard of a pillow you put in the microwave. I wonder if there’s any competition with Owlivia. What a lovely purse. You can Gomez inside 😀 you got some wonderful goodies!! Xoxo

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    • Thank you soooo much huni 🙂 Chuffed you enjoyed the video, and like you I also love seeing what others got too! I popped over to your blog to check out the post – wow what awesome goodies you got!!!!! Tried to leave you a wee comment but I don’t think there’s a comments section on there! However I’ve followed so looking forward to keeping up with you that way! Thanks so much for stopping by & of course leaving your link! Lovely to meet you 🙂 Karen xoxo

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  3. I missed quite a bit during my holiday and the hectic christmas period, including your amazing new haircut: I absolutely love it 😀 Looks so great in you.
    Love the mac lippy color and I am with you: photo’s first, swatching second. can be so tricky sometimes though, you just can’t wait to try something.
    And that little owl is soo cute.

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    • Awwh thank you huni – it was just getting far too long so time for a wee trim… or chop should I say as quite a few inches came off!!!! lol
      YES!!!! See, the mind of a beauty blogger… though it doesn’t surprise me that we operate the same way blog twinny 😉 hehe Glad you like Owliver… he sure is a little cutie! Doubt my obsession with owls shall ever fade chum ❤ XXXXX

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      • I love it, thinking about going for that length again as well, because I am due a chop.
        That ring lamp looks absolutely amazing by the way, how do you like it? I am still looking for one, but there are so many different varieties I got a bit stuck.

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      • Oh well go for it huni – if you’re anything like me it’s so much quicker to manage – my hair gets so long & thick so quickly!!
        The ring lamp is superb Anne, brill for filming especially… there are soo many shapes & sizes, though I reckon that the best option for blogging only is a micro ring that fits onto the lens of the camera. Compact, much more affordable and totally mobile 🙂 Good option for you maybe?! XXX

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      • Yep defo recommend the micro one – I actually bought it for Steve for Christmas and it’s great. Oddly enough I though it would be ideal for blogging – only thing is you’d need a DSLR to attach it too! So many lighting dilemma’s honestly this weather is such a blooming nightmare for photography Anne! Hurry up summer lol XXX

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      • Hmm no DSLR here, so that is tricky. I wil have to look into a bigger ring lamp on a stand, sounds very versatile as well.
        I know, the weather has just been so grey…whenever we have a moment of sun I just run around taking pics like crazy 😉 xx

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      • Ahhh right – well then you’ll have to ditch that idea and go with the big one like you say huni 😦
        lol, I think that’s the story for most beauty bloggers huni. XXX


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