Winter Beauty Stash: December Empties…

Howdy y’all

As the end of December approaches it’s that time yet again to take a rummage through my empties stash to find out what potentially Trash or Treasure items have been gracing my beauty shelves over the past month. As I’m sure you’ll have noticed after watching, I’ve been super keen to keep focused on banishing dry hair & skin as the winter months really do know how to take their toll on my pale Irish complexion… thank heavens for decent moisturisers and skin perfecting foundation is all I can say 😉

Anyways, do make yourself comfy & join me for a quick midweek chatter as I talk you through some of my news and views on what I’ve been loving and loathing over the last 4 weeks!

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Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Maybe they’re on your shopping list already or do you have suggestions of alternatives for me to try out? Whatever your thoughts do stop by & let me know in the comments below… as always, thanks ever so much for watching, subscribing and hitting that like button! You truly are an awesome bunch ❤

Cheerio Chums…

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22 thoughts on “Winter Beauty Stash: December Empties…

      • As much as I would LOVE a Mac Traci, I’m lumbered with windows – having said that my Acer Laptop is a goodun, they’re very affordable & reliable!! If you’re thinking of buying top software though I’d recommend Serif, it does come with a learners guide etc but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and train myself yet lol But in the mean time my Windows based Movie Maker does the job – albeit basicially 😀 XXXX

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      • Lol! I think you are doing a fine job! 😀 I have an Acer laptop too…I might have a look at Movie Maker and maybe check out Serif. Thanks for the tips. I really enjoy watching your vids.x

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      • Awwh thank you huni 🙂 Movie Maker will already be built into your computer under programmes however Serif is something you’ll have to pay for. Would defo start of with the Windows Movie Maker to get the hang of things and then progress onto a more sophisticated package. I started in reverse and scared myself silly – wouldn’t recommend it lol Anytime and thank YOU for such a lovely comment Traci, that really does give me oodles of confidence *hugs* XXXXX

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      • Woooooo Hoooooo – take the bull (or mouse lol)by both hands…. I’m telling you, you’ll have the best of fun when you get going 😀 GOOD LUCK!!! Always inspires me to hear someone starting a new project – I get so darn excited for them lol XXXXX

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    • Awwh thank you so so much Jo 🙂 That’s a huge compliment to read!! At the moment I’m just using Window Movie Maker, I did buy a Serif package but it was incredibly complicated to initially use so I’ll need time to sit down an really check it out properly 🙂 Are you thinking of YouTubing huni? Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas too *huge hugs* XXXXXX


  1. I picked up the TREsemme Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner recently too and I’m liking it a lot! Hearing you speak about face washes and night creams is almost like gobble-de-gook to me haha, I’m actually so clueless when it comes to some beauty things. How have I managed to make a blog out of it lol?! Great video as always xx

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    • It really is brill isn’t it Chanelle? I’m loving their range and the smell is gorgeous 😀 hehe
      Oooh don’t be thinking I know much about them either chum, honestly I’m just as clueless as you – still have my L plates on when it comes to skincare lol lol You’ve managed it cause you’re so darn good at it – and your beautiful makeup looks are always an inspiration!! 🙂 Thank you soooo much huni, much appreciated for watching *hugs* XXXXX

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