Planning The Perfect Girls Night Out…

Planning A Girls Night Out

Tis the season… to stumble home at 1 am with blisters on your feet from dancing the night away, draped in tacky tinsel and wearing a giant pair of flashing antlers. Sound familiar? Oh yes, the festivities have indeed arrived which can only mean it’s time to don your sparkliest of outfits & unleash your inner diva for a night on the town.

So whether it’s the cheesy office Christmas bash or a night out celebrating the jolly hols with your closest gal pals, I’ve whipped up a nifty little run through of a few of my night-out essentials to ensure you haven’t missed a trick this party season…


Christmas Attire

1. What an eyecatcher… this stunning black & gold bodycon dress by Little Mistress has the best of both world. A simplistic LBD coupled with a glamorous gold appliqué and mesh neckline! Available up to size 26 from EVANS – £68.

2. When I spotted this sassy little clutch bag from Accessorize for £29 I knew it would have to go on my Christmas party attire menu. I’m in love with the coloured bands – undoubtedly a wardrobe staple that could compliment almost any party outfit, any season! I love it *swoooon*

3. Baby it’s cold outside… so get your sparkly New Look gold boot shoes on. Warm, sassy & full of festive cheer, at £24.99 these pocket friendly little beauties could be yours to dance the night away in this Christmas & New Year. Aren’t they amazing?

4. Considering the neckline is strikingly detailed I opted for these Champagne crystal drop earrings from Mikey London as an ever so elegant finishing touch. Better still they were retailing for £21 but are now reduced to mere £14 from Debenhams!!

5. Retailing at £14.99 this beautiful light gold paisley pashmina from Scarf Room is the perfect accessory for dressing up my black woollen winter jacket when braving the cold winter air. Isn’t it glorious? I’m in love!



The Make Up Menu Feeling Festive

Of course every night out on the town requires a sprinking of super-glam make-up! In Mondays post I recreated my favourite make-up menu of the season by opting for glitzy gold’s and a classic red lip courtesy of MAC’s iconic Ruby Woo. If you fancy checking it out for yourself just *click here* to visit the blog post or alternatively you can watch all the action by feasting your eyes upon my video tutorial by *clicking here*




This time of year restaurants are often alive with corporate parties & family get-togethers, so even though your favourite little haunt may seem like a pretty safe choice it’s best to call and pre-book well before your big night out… simply to avoid a two hour wait in a chilly winter queue just to get your bum on a seat.

As most work parties tend to book hotels and traditional restaurants for their Christmas dins, it could be a good idea to branch out and try Cantonese, Indian or Italian food as there’s less chance they’ll be hiving with half drunken CEO’s… and of course so you don’t end up tired of Turkey before Santa’s even had a chance to pack his sleigh! Alternatively, if you’re keeping a watchful eye on the purse strings why not opt for dinner at home or a cheeky take away delivered to your door before hitting the town; this is always a good option for those who take multiple hours to get ready! *whistles innocently*



ladies drinks

If like me you’re a hopeless case for a hangover, my advice would be to line that tummy with dinner before popping your corks so there’s something to help soak up the potential effects. Without sounding like an ageing party-pooper;  mixing a multitude of shots may seem like a barrel of fun, but keep in mind it’s more than likely going to end in a rather painful duvet-day the following morning. Who hasn’t seen the Sunday social media news-feeds filled with tales of woe and promises of never to so much as sniff a cork again?! My point exactly 😉

If you’re on the look out for something light and refreshing I’d personally suggest sticking to yummy little fruity spritzer style drinks. Just remember to enjoy it responsibly!




Organising a night out takes a fair amount of planning – especially if there’s quite a few of you in tow. As much as I love dancing the night away, sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different; and come the festive season there’s just so much choice on offer. A few unique and fun ideas could be to catch a theatre show or musical, better still why not embrace your inner kiddie and opt for a pantomime instead? They’re full of cheesy Christmas cheer to get the giggles going, leaving the serious chatter for cocktails and dinner at a swanky venue afterwards. Alternatively if you’re feeling brave enough to embrace the cold winter weather then why not opt for some late night shopping at a local Christmas market? It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up some really unique little gifts and stocking fillers!



It’s one of the busiest seasons of the year, so if transport is top of your priority list make sure you book your taxi’s well in advance to avoid being stranded at your door step. Same applies for eating out too! Do keep a tight hold of your hand bag or purse wherever you go… a bustling night on the town is a pick-pockets dream particularly if you’re planning some late night shopping or Christmas fairs with chums. Try to carry as little cash as possible, make sure your abode is well secured before leaving for the evening & keep any pricey items such as laptops etc tucked well out of sight! Of course last but not least have fun, enjoy your night out & don’t forget the reason for the season guys 😉

pink heart

Do you have any up-coming fun nights out planned? What’s your top tip when organising an evening out on the town with friends? Or are you more of a cosy night-in kinda gal? As always I love reading your thoughts and feedback in the comments below…

Cheerio chums!

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49 thoughts on “Planning The Perfect Girls Night Out…

  1. Haha, under planning the perfect drinks, I thought it read – planning the perfect drunks. Great tips for a night out on the town. I’ve witnessed girls wearing these ridiculous shoes to try to look sexy, but rather they look the opposite trying to walk. (I shouldn’t really be talking, because I do the same thing) happy freedom Friday!!! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

      • You prep yourself and I’ll prep myself up for another glorious Monday! It’s funny how time goes by quickly over the weekend, but during the work week, it drags like how cats drag their paws when you try to take them for a walk! Haha xo

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh I’m afraid Gomez ONLY walks to his food dish and back to the sofa – he is THEE laziest cat you’ll ever meet. Eats, sleeps and only when absolutely necessary will he frequent the great outdoors to use the kitty loo – after which he’s crying at the door to get straight back in and on his chair. Such a lazy daisy 😀 lol xxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sounds like me in a cat form. I’m a lazy little person too. Cats are so smart that they already know to use their litter boxes. Do you pick him up often? Is he a cuddler, or does he prefer to not be held? The hot seat questions 🙂 xoxox

        Liked by 1 person

      • lol Well, I’m right there with ya – we all seem to have our little lazy moments, it’s just he takes it to the extreme 😀 Unfortunately he’s not a cuddler at all, the only person he can tolerate being close to is Emma – which is very strange as she’s a child and most cats are a tad offish with adults let alone kids. When he was born he got stuck in his mums birthing canal and as a result suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain which has left him slightly special needs. She also rejected him but a lady who had a cat that had also just had kittens adopted him for the first 6 weeks of his life. He’s incredibly timid, used to be terrified of grass. Will sit and talk to the broom though – which we have aptly named Fiona, he seems to chat it up. lol Was thinking of sticking a couple of eyes on it so he could make eye contact and really connect lol But although he’s a very bizarre little fella I wouldn’t change him for the world! 😀 XXXX

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oooooh yeah, this little story sounds a tad familiar! We were talking about him before and it’s unfortunate about his birth. Lucky for him, lacking oxygen, he’s still alive! Miracle kitty. Yeah, that is strange that he likes to be around Emma rather than adults. I mean that’s great that he and Emma get along!!! Ha, you should put eyes on Fiona. That’s cute :))) xoxo 😺😺

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    • Ahhh let’s do it Ingrid… why not?! I miss girls night out too, need to let our hair down once in a while eh? hehe Well being a plus size I had to choose something that I thought everyone would appreciate 🙂 Really glad you like the post lovely lady – hope you’re having as awesome a weekend as you are *huge hugs* XXXXX


  2. This sounds fab! I love a good girls night out but it’s so hard to get everyone together for one…though I do have a cozy night in with the girls planned (Christmas movies + baking cookies in our PJs)! I can’t wait 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh Mil!!! How are you huni? I was only thinking of you today oddly enough – must pop over and get caught up on what I’ve missed from you & Jules… work is craaaazzzzzy at the moment 😦
      Totally get what you mean about getting everyone together – work/family/life commitments have a habit of getting in the way *grr* though I do love a cosy night in too & yours sounds ideal!!! If only we lived closer we could’ve planned one – it’s exactly what I’d love right now… and maybe a glass of something sparkling to wash those cookies down with hehe Lovely to get chatting with you – hope you’re keeping well huni XXXXXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Karen!! I hope works calms down soon so you can fully enjoy the holidays! Funnily enough, our girls night is going to be me, Jules, and Asa – so it would be pretty perfect if you were here to join us! Alas, you will be here in spirit 🙂 Hope you’re doing well my dear. We will definitely eat a few extra cookies in your honor!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Me too Mil… just another week and a half then bliss for a whole 5 days *happy sigh* 😀 Ohhhh that would be perfect, I’m sure you girls will have a blast!! Glad I’ll be there in spirit if nothing else, raise a cookie & a glass or two in my absence huni lol XXXX

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this post!!! I am more of a cozy stay in kind of girl. I love my sweatpants and just being in the comfort of my own home. Though tomorrow night I have Ron’s fancy work Christmas party to go to. There will be a ton of good food I’m sure and an open bar. I get to get all dressed up which I don’t mind but I just hate wearing tights or pantyhose. It will be quite a bit of work squeezing into those! Lol! I’m not a big drinker now that I’m older and I don’t care to feel sick the next day. I might enjoy a drink or two since I’m not buying it. 😉 I hope to take some great pictures though and post them on FB. 🙂 XXXXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that too Katie – curling up in the warmth is great. I think I’m at the stage of life now where nights in are the new nights out – if that makes sense!!! lol I sooo look forward to pj time & curling up 😀 Ooooh I hope you enjoy the party, sounds fabulous!! Oh tights are such a pain, literally, lol Very uncomfy!! Gee I’m so like you, the thought of being ill the next day usually puts me off drinking too – maybe one or two spritzers but that’s about the height of it. Too old for all that drunken malarkey lol Can’t wait to see your FB piccies 😀 XXXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had a nice time last night and it was great to get out but I was oh so happy to get home and get comfortable lol. I somehow managed to squeeze into the tights lol. I only had 2 drinks and that was it for me. I mean after having just one I was getting a buzz and was really feeling it lol. Nights in are the best! I’m such a hermit! Lol!! 🙂 XXXX

        Liked by 1 person

      • I bet you were!!! Always great to get back home and into the comfies lol But at least you had a lovely night huni 🙂 Hermits have the best fun… I wouldn’t swap my nights in for uncomfortable undies and aching feet lol XXXX

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know what you mean! I love staying in! Ron brought home pizza last night when he got out of work and we just relaxed, ate and watched Christmas movies. I just hate pantyhose lol. I wore flats though because there more comfortable and I never wear heels since I’m so tall anyway lol. XXXX

        Liked by 1 person

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