NYC Shine In A Minute ‘Prince Street’ Nail Polish…

Cadbury Purple Coloured Nails

There’s no denying it… purple is one of those lusted after colours that 99.9% of us have a weakness for. Regardless of whatever your favourite tone happens to be, purple has well earned its credentials as a show stopper amongst a wealth of individual styles. However, one of the most iconic shades of purple is undoubtedly ‘Cadbury’ purple. In fact, 4 years ago when I was the proud owner of my bridal boutique, it was BY FAR the most requested colour of bridesmaid dresses by brides both near & far. Of course it doesn’t surprise me; I mean, all you have to do is roll your eye balls over it to ignite a dose of swoon factor.

So when I spotted this amazing shade lurking rather sassily on the NYC stand in Superdrug, there was no question that it would end up straight in the shopping basket. Again I’m agast to find that I’ve harboured nothing like it previous in my collection. I’ve a multitude of bedazzling purple’s from lilac to plum, but the iconic Cadbury shade? No where to be found… I know, I know… #WhatTheFudge ?!

NYC Prince Street Nail Polish

So here it is in all it’s glory, the beautiful Prince Street from NYC. I must admit the name throws me a little, personally I’d wanna tie it in to the choccie bar… after all everyone recognises ‘that’ colour, but not one to dis someone’s creativity in nail polish naming we’ll not raise too much of an eyebrow.

Cadbury Purple Coloured Nails 2

This luscious polish is actually part of the ‘Shine In A Minute’ collection, which (you guessed it) claims to dry in 60 seconds. Fast AND fabulous looking? Surely that can’t be?! Well, kind of… yes, the initial first coat dries in a minute but considering it’s a pretty weak colour when first applied you just know it’s going to take a good 3 coats to get it built up to the same consistency as the colour in the bottle; which I have to say is incredibly surprising considering the formula is relatively thick. In fact I’ve had much runnier polishes that are considerably more opaque on their first stroke. Bit of a baffler if truth be told. Naturally, the more coats applied the longer the drying time. Whatever you do don’t give this a go in a hurry… unless you’re secretly wishful for  a multitude of smudges and sticky nails.

NYC New York Color Prince Street Nail Polish

As for the Longevity, I’m impressed. At a mere £1.79 you really couldn’t grumble about this polish. The packaging is fun but chic, the consistency of the formula isn’t too runny, the shade is most certainly buildable, the finish has a healthy shine to it & it’s thee most beautiful colour. Having worn it for 4 full days I can safely say there’s no signs of chipping, however I would suggest adding a little clear top coat throughout the week to keep the colour looking fresh, shiny & vibrant.

NYC Shine In A Minute

All in all a superb buy for such a pocket friendly price. I’d definitely be happy to recommend to any purple polish purchaser!

pink heart

What’s your favourite shade of purple? Are you a Cadburys kinda gal or maybe you prefer softer tones? whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below. Wishing y’all a fabulous Friday & fun -filled weekend ahead!

Cheerio chums…

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58 thoughts on “NYC Shine In A Minute ‘Prince Street’ Nail Polish…

    • Thanks so much Jen, it’s such a gorgeous colour huni – lovely to have something unique in the polish box & for such a little price tag too 😀 win win hehe Wishing you a fab weekend too lovely lady *hugs* XXXXX

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  1. I actually think that is my exact favorite shade of purple – only I call it galaxy purple :p Sometimes I like a more magenta purple, but that shade is so very close! Excuse me while I go to the store to go get one of my own…. 🙂

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  2. Omg hun, this one is amazing 😍 I love purple so much and I am still on the hunt for that perfect shade. I have a few purple shades, but none of them are right. This one looks so pretty, I will have try it out 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooh what a fab combo Janey… that would look immense, especially for a night out!!! Love your creativity… I might just have to take inspiration from your suggestion for my next ladies night out hehe 😉 Happy Boot shopping lol XXXXXX

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