Are You Battling A Blogging Slump?

Beat The Blogging Slump

I often compare blogging to relationships. In the beginning it’s love at first sight… you have hopes, dreams, goals & glorious visions of the ideal life together. You’re the perfect couple; unstoppable. However, moving down the line (when the honey moon period fizzles out) the only goals you may end up with is how you’re going to write tomorrow’s post in the seven minutes you have to eat your bowl of honey hoops.

I know this because Confetti & Curves wasn’t my first blog. A few years ago I was in one of these ‘blogging relationships’ with my first disastrous attempt. After a year of dwindling commitment I quickly realised the relationship was going nowhere and so we parted ways. Yes, I dumped my blog.

It was a messy break up ladies, I’ll admit that. Frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness – I’d been through it all but low and behold, I finally found ‘the one’ & what a difference it made. The thing is, no one is exempt from hitting a blogging slump. You don’t anticipate it… it just happens. But similar to a relationship, the more effort you put in (and the quicker you work through the issues) the more likely you’ll stay well and truly smitten.

But first let’s grab a mug of tea & take a quick peek at some of the common grumbles that can often end in blogging slumps – or worse –  blog breakups….

“I’ve run out of things to blog about”

“I’m not getting the interactions other bloggers are…”

“My blogs stat page has tumble weeds blowing through it there’s so little activity”

“I just don’t have the time…”

“Everyone else is doing so well… then there’s me…”

“I don’t have time to promote post’s on social media 24/7, 365 days a year”

“Nobody’s noticing me, I’m so fed up.”

“I’m spending so much time blogging but hardly getting any traffic, or likes, or comments…”

“I’m losing interest, it’s just not fun anymore”

Any of these ring familiar, or am I the only one with my hand in the air? I’m pretty certain that at some point we all touch on a few of the above, in fact I doubt we’d be human if we didn’t. However having been through a dreaded slump before, I thought I’d share a few of my own musings on how to avoid such a digital downer…


Back To Basics

Cast your mind back (go on, you can do it) to just before you launched your own little corner of the internet. What blogs where you reading? Who inspired you? What inspired you? Maybe it’s time to revisit a few old blogging flames to recapture the spark that initially started your blogging journey in the first place! It just may help to inspire that vision you had when your adventure first began.


Go With The Flow

Here’s the thing, starting a blog and maintaining one (over a long period of time) is two very different experiences. As the months whittle away and the honeymoon period comes to an end, mindsets & interests often change & evolve in ways we never anticipated. As individuals we’re constantly on life’s learning curve so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that goals, aspirations and interests shift with the tides. If the topic your currently writing about is repetitively becoming a struggle then maybe it’s time to evaluate what direction your blog is moving in. Supportive blog buddies will always understand that branching into new material or topics may be essential in keeping you active!


Practice What You Preach

It’s ridiculously easy to get caught in the trap of spending every free moment glued to a screen. Getting out & enjoying life is incredibly important for our sanity and creativity. Just think of all those glorious ‘Get ready with me’ posts you might be missing out on creating or fun opportunities passing you by whilst your fingers spend yet another evening working out on the laptop. If your social life is non existent then it’s inevitable you’re going to find yourself in a rut before long. Don’t just blog about life… live it!


Exercise Your Mind

Exercise isn’t just beneficial for your body, it keeps the mind healthy too. Finding a few hours a week to distress at the gym, pool or even on a lovely long walk can really help clear out all the brain clutter that often builds up from work, school, busy schedules, parenthood & life in general. Often the most creative posts I’ve written have hit during times when my mind is getting a workout along with my body. May sound weird but I promise you it works wonders, even if it’s just a 20 minute evening dander, it’s essential!


Under Pressure

Often, the only people putting pressure on ourselves is in fact ourselves! Okay, so what if you miss one post because you were getting dolled-up for a friends birthday party? So what if you can’t get reading every single blog in your news feed today because school has thrown you a last minute assignment (or) you’re having to put the kids to bed later than planned? The world won’t stop turning, nor will readers abandon your blog simply because you’re taking a well earned day off. Do it, it’s really okay.


Nothing Compares To You

If only I could show you guys how many emails I’ve received over the past 10 months partly containing the same burning question over and over again:  ‘Why aren’t I?…’

Please Please Pleeeeease don’t negatively compare your very awesome/capable/talented & creative self to others. I know, it’s hard but trust me when I say this: IT WILL ONLY LEAD TO BANGING ONES HEAD OFF A COMPUTER SCREEN.  Instead forget your stat page even exists, whip out a notebook and write down all the positive changes you’d like to make to your blog & DO IT. Afterwards get your hash-tag’s on and start meeting & greeting new blog buddies… particularly those that may just be starting up in the blogging world. You’ll be amazed at how much of a source of support you’ll be for each other.

A much better plan than staring into your 4th empty coffee cup wondering how someone else got a bazillion likes and you didn’t. Put the effort in, get the support of great blog buddies behind you, keep active & you will see a positive change.


Work Your Work Space

Okay, this may not be suitable for everyone but I’m just gonna go right ahead and throw it in the mix anyway folks… Usually when I’m going through a creative crisis my entire house bears the brunt.  What I mean is I have one heck of a huge sort out and re-model of my surroundings. Example:

If it hasn’t been used in the last 6 months it gets binned.

Entire rooms get re-arranged.

New stationary gets purchased.

An array of smelly candles and footery little nik-naks (to replace the ton I threw out) get dotted about the place.

Inspirational quotes are adorned in new Ikea photo frames.

Yes, I re-organise my entire surroundings. Feng shui my space – whatever you want to call it, I basically instigate a change & often find my mindset changes with it. Just try it. Even if it’s simply rearranging your desk or clearing out the devastation zone under your bed etc. A cluttered room is the makings of a cluttered mind.


Plan To Perfection

One thing I have noticed about blogging is that planning in advance makes a HUUUGE difference. I’m a paper & pen kinda gal, in fact I’m also the proud owner of a rather sizeable wall planner that is purely dedicated to Confetti & Curves… everything gets written down in advance so that one glance is all it takes to know what’s happening & when it’s going to be featured. If you’re anything like me, drumming up a post in the final hour will make you feel utterly un-organised & put pressure on your creativity – a huge no no for blogging! If you’re battling a busy lifestyle then last week’s feature might help: 10 Tips For Blogging On A Busy Schedule.


Follow Your Dreams

Cast your mind back (once again) to a time when you had just clicked the ‘sign me up’ button on your blog site. Apart from trepidation & first time nerves, what was going through your head? Did you have plans, hopes & dreams for your blog? What were the opportunities you dreamt about?

Step back from your eye watering schedule, run yourself a steaming hot bubble bath & spend a good hour reminiscing about why you started blogging in the first place. Often we just need a break and time to gather our thoughts, to remind ourselves why we’re actually doing what we’re doing in the first place. Is it just to pass lonely nights in? To become a super star blogger? To make blogging a full time job? Drifting back to those dreams can often help us assess whether or not our commitment is worth the effort. If it is, then get back on that saddle and make sure you remind yourself everyday of your goals & dreams.


Time Out

A day, a week, a month – whatever. If you need the break then take it. Don’t feel guilty and don’t feel like you’re abandoning ship – you’re merely taking time out so you can be a better blogger in the long run. However I would suggest popping a little ‘Time Out’ post just to reassure readers that you’ll be back soon. If you’re really generous you might even want to leave an email address so people can keep in touch with you while you’re on your jolly blogging hols, it’s amazing how the encouragement from others can pull us out of a writing rut 🙂

pink heart

Have you experienced a blogging slump? Is it something you’re going through at the moment? Or maybe you have a helpful tip you’d like to share that keeps you sane & de-slumped? Whatever your thoughts do let us know in the comments below, we do enjoy a good chatter here on Confetti & Curves!

Cheerio chums…

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92 thoughts on “Are You Battling A Blogging Slump?

  1. Wonderful tips, Karen! I haven’t hit my blogging slump yet, but I totally believe you that it happens to everyone. As for the stats, I do check them, but I like to use it as a tool to what what people liked and didn’t like. One thing to always remember is that there will *always* be a blog with more likes/comments/shares/etc than you and blogs with less than you. Besides, every blog starts off with zero likes! 😉

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  2. Some really great tips here! I’ll be taking note. I’m quite surprised that Confetti&Curves isn’t your first blog. Although, I guess ‘practice makes perfect!’ – it’s so true, blogging is very much like being in relationship. Sometimes it works out, and other times we question whether we should just give up! Fret not! I’m not going anywhere soon! I think I’ve found my keeper 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, Karen xxx

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    • Thank you Amanda 😀 I know, it usually does surprise people but to be honest my first blog was such a disaster Amanda… I think I blogged twice a month and never interacted with a soul. lol I just didn’t understand their was a community behind it all *sigh* Sooo many mistakes that lead to giving up, but thankfully I’ve found my keeper now too lol Have a super day too chummy & hope you’re keeping as well as can be 🙂 XXXXX

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  3. Well I think I am in a blogging slump myself Karen. That’s why I’m thinking of taking a while off from blogging until I get moved and settled. I wrote about it in my weekly recap post yesterday. I don’t want to completely burn myself out trying to do the things that I need to do while trying to maintain a blog and with having my health issues, it’s just so hard to take on too much. You give some really great advice in this post though. A long break is just what I need and that’s what I’m going to be doing. However I encourage my blogging buddies to stay in touch through email or social media. I will still come on and check out posts when I can and comment. I just have other things that are at the top of my priority list right now. Well this night owl is going to read a few more posts and then head off too bed! 🙂 XXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

    • I promise you I know how you feel, I went through something similar a year or so ago and the best thing I ever done was take a break! It was only for about six weeks but I needed it so bad!! You have so much to deal with right now & you cope so darn well!!!!! But still it’s important to take everything at your own pace… if it’s not fun, it’s not working! Wait til you get settled back home – you’ll be a little blogging bee again hehe Thinking of you sooo much & sending massive of hugs chum – always here if you need me XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  4. So true Karen! I’ve had two blogging slumps so far this year (the first one lasted a month and the second a whole two months!) and it was terrible falling deeper and deeper into them but then I kept reminding myself why I started in the first place and that brought me back. I love all the tips you’ve written and the next time I feel I am falling into one, I’ll pop over here for sure! 😀

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    • It’s so darn easy falling into a slump but not so easy getting back out huni – I so get you on that one!!! *sigh* I’m soooo glad you came through yours and realised why you fell in love with blogging in the first place ❤ Thank you so so much for such a kind comment huni – you're a star!! XXX

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  5. I’ve just been there, actually.. I’m a student except for the summer where I’m a seasonal worker at Legoland, and since its the only work I do during the year, I have to clock in a LOT of hours during a 5 week period. It took away so much of my energy and inspiration! I’m still somewhere in the middle, but I can feel that as my everyday life is about to return, so is my inspiration and desire for blogging. Great post – I can relate to all! I’ve especially been hit by the “why can’t I get as many followers as that person?” and forgetting acknowledge the almost 200 amazing followers I actually had in search of all the followers I didn’t have. It’s easy to forget what you have in search of what you want.

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    • Nanna, what an inspirational comment – you are soooo right in saying to appreciate the followers you have and not the ones you don’t!! Very wise words indeed 🙂 What an exciting job but I can imagine it being so demanding having to squeeze all those hours in… no wonder your blogging buzz dwindles, I think anyone’s would having to work the clock round. But hope you’re creativity and passion for it is coming back now the busy season is calming!!! Looking forward to reading lots of your upcoming posts, you’re a superb blogger so keep up the fantastic work!!! Thanks again for such agreat comment XXX

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  6. Hey Karen! 🙂

    Those are some great tips!
    I will definitelly be re-reading your ’10 tips for blogging on a busy schedule’ post, as my school year starts tomorrow! (TOMORROW!)
    This summer was so fun, because I got to blog as much as I wanted and I had the time to put 120% of myself into my little blog. It was truly wonderful!
    However, that is about to change and I’m super scared that it will all just start tumbleweedin’ everywhere, haha! I know your post will give me some great tips, though, you always do!

    Lovely post and such useful advice!

    Have a wonderful day. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Dora!!!! 😀 Oh my, Emma’s starts tomorrow too so lots of early night all round lol Good luck for the new term – hope it goes as well as can be 🙂 Don’t worry about your routine, once you get settled I’m pretty sure you’ll get organised and into a schedule that’s going to work for you 😀 loling at the tumbleweeding though, I’m sure and certain you’ll have it all under control lovely!! Thank you sooooo much for such a supportive and encouraging comment – huuugely appreciated 🙂 Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!!! XXXXXX


  7. Fab tips Karen 🙂 I love the comparison with relationships haha very true! I’ve had days were I’ve been left a little frustrated with all things blogging but luckily I’ve never really got myself into a blogging slump (yet anyway!). I always just try to remind myself about how much I love blogging and why I am doing it 🙂

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  8. Wonderful tips Karen! I’ve been in a blogging slump somewhat myself. You always have such great advice! And a wondrous similie, comparing a blog to a romantic relationship 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwh thank you soooo much huni – that has absolutely made my day!!! Smiling from ear to ear with such an encouraging comment ❤ Genuinely hope you don't hit any future slumps huni, you're a superb blogger so keep up the awesome work!! 😀 XXXX

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  9. Wow! That’s unfortunate that your first blog was a bust, but at least it brought you to make confetti and curves! If you didn’t have this one, we wouldn’t have known each other. Such great tips on blogging. People may not get as many likes, comments or subscribers as hoped for, but in good time. Patience is virtue. I love my blog! Although I don’t do it for the likes, I do it to share thoughts and it’s a great stress reliever and a great way to meet other bloggers that you have the same or similar interests with. Even when people may go through a slump, never give up or think you’re a failure!!! Everyone is a winner! Loved this post Karen!!! Xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • It sure was Leah, but when I look back I learned soooo much from all the mistakes I’d made so in a way I really benefited from it 😀 Patience really is a virtue – it’s so important to keep goin, keep positive & of course have so much fun. It’s very easy to get roped in by the likes & stats along the way… but I think once that happens it doesn’t become fun anymore 😦 Fingers crossed we have no more slumps in the future huni. You’re so right everyone really is a winner, love this wee community for the support and encouragement 😀 XX

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  10. Very insightful and inspiring advice! We’ve all been there at some point. I love the idea of rearranging your workspace – a change of scenery is sometimes all you need to restore your creative juices. And there’s no shame in taking a break 🙂 And like Yazzi said, every blog starts off with zero likes. Even the most famous blogging stars have experienced a slump here and there. Great post, Karen.

    xo Mil

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    • Thank you so much Mil 😀 You always say such lovely things ❤ I so agree with that statement, a change of scenery always helps boost me and I love having a good clearout too lol Yes, Yazzi's comment is incredibly poignant – really wise words and important to remember 🙂 You girls really know how to encourage and support – so glad to have such awesome blog buddies! Such an inspiration XXXXXXX

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  11. I think I hit a slump every month or so !!! All this energy and time for so little … but I still go on mainly because of all the wonderful girls I’ve met through my blog 🙂 GREAT POST Karen xxx

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    • Ingrid I always love reading your comments cause they’re so honest & encouraging 🙂 You’re not in any way alone – we all hit those bumps but like you say having an awesome bunch of blog buddies make all the difference in keeping us all going!! Thank you soooo much for being so supportive as always lovely lady XXXXXX

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  12. You always hit the nail on the head with these kind of posts! I’ve hit my fair share of blogging slumps, and I’m learning to work my way out of them! Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts this week!
    Jessica xx

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    • Don’t worry huni – we ALL go through it, even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time. School, work & life in general can be pressuring and so effective in squishing creativity! Good thing is there’s such a supportive community on here to fall back on! Hope all is going as well as can be and thanks soooo much for your kind comment ❤ XXXXX

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  13. Fantastic blog post Karen!
    Feel free to come rip my blog to pieces as while I enjoy doing it and even made it to the voting stage for the 2015 BadAss Blog Awards via The Indie Chicks, it’s just not attractive to the regular reader or something.. XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so so much huni 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!! How very odd, I don’t think your posts are showing in my reader – just checked on your blog and definitely following as there’s LOOOOOOADS I’ve missed out on *sob* Might have to drop the WP crew a wee email on this 😦
      You made is to the voting stage of a Blog Awards?!?!! WOW, well done chick 🙂 That’s amazing news!!!! *huge hugs* ❤ XXXXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awe don’t worry! You don’t show up in my reader usually either. I have a long list of blogs I have to, go looking for. I’ve asked WP but haven’t gotten an answer.
        Thank you! Yes, I did make it and it was super lovely that people voted as I’m a small blog. I didn’t expect to win but it felt like I did! Especially with the Indies! The winner in my category won it fair & square though. 🙂
        But Still, there’s just something about my blog that….sucks. Its not reader friendly or something so these tips are really great.

        Please make sure you tag me on twitter when it’s voting time for you! 😀 Otherwise I won’t know b/c of the feed problem.
        Cheers!! XOXOXO ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oohhhh nooo 😦 I only wish I had have known about this or I would have voted my beeeehind off for you huni!!! That is so annoying!!! You didn’t get an answer from WP? How frustrating – I’ll give it a go and see if I get anything as I’m missing all these great posts!! 😦
        Erm, what on earth do you mean about your blog not being reader friendly!! You’ve just been nominated for an award huni – I think that stands enough credit for you in itself!!!! Stop being so harsh on yourself, you’re a wonderful blogger & very very quirky. I think you have an outstanding style, so enough of the negativity! You being you is what it’s all about!!!!!!
        Oh gee I’m not sure if I’ll make the short list for the voting stage as the long list was over 120 blogs – but at least I made some sort of list lol lol However (if) by some unforeseen miracle it happens I will certainly give you a shout and we can celebrate with a voting party. hehehe 😀 You’re such a sweetheart, and next time YOU’RE up for an award be sure to let ME know!!!!!! Sending huuuuuuge hugs to ya chum ❤ XXXXXXXX

        Liked by 1 person

      • *Blushing.. Thank you for the super kind thoughts!! ❤
        It was a totally unexpected nomination and I couldn't believe it. A Shorty would have been less surprising as there's something extra special about the Indie Chicks Awards or so I hear. Somehow I made the cut to voting which it was super sweet of the ppl who voted. I know you'd have voted your rear end off..had you of known. 🙂
        As for WP I've had a blog list I wrote up & have to use for almost a year now. And it never fails that it's always my favorite blogs that rarely to never show up in my feed. 😦 So I'd be interested how you make out asking WP.
        Okay so being I am a straight shooter so to speak, I cannot understand why my following isn't much higher than it is. I'm not the best writer/blogger by any means however I've been hard at it almost a year now and haven't cracked through to even 400 yet. I get it that my quirky self isn't everyone's cup o tea but even so I'd have thought my blog would have taken off by now. I always visit & engage with blogs of all types. It's discouraging. Pretty soon my website will be up for renewal and I'm considering letting it go & pack it in for awhile. When I left you the "tear my blog apart" comment I am very open to criticism so I can learn and or figure out what I might be doing wrong. Or maybe it's just b/c I'm old LOL! A fellow blogger near & dear to my heart asked me to do it to her blog which I did. I Shredded it to pieces but the changes she ended up making really worked & changed a lot for her. 🙂
        Awe!! You made the nomination list for good reason!! I've already checked out some of your comp as though I were judging & of course there's fantastic blogs but wellll….there's something a bit more special about yours! So anything is possible and you definitely deserve to make the next cut!! I've been thinking ahead about potential blogs I would like to nominate for next year's BadAss Blog Awards & can honestly say you are one that is on my personal short list. 🙂

        I really should have just emailed you..LMAO!!! Sending hugs aplenty!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh I think we all hit it full force at some point Elle, but thanks so much for sharing your link – that’s a fantastic resource 🙂 Much appreciated!!! Looking forward to having a much more indepth read when I have a cup of tea in my hand later this evening hehe XXXX


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    • Thank you so much huni – what a fantastic comment, so encouraging and I’m so glad you can relate to it too 🙂 All been there, done it & will indeed go through it again no doubt lol Keep up the awesome blogging 😉 XXX


      • Good question… I think I just found it such a struggle to carry on, as corny as it sounds but I just felt like I had fallen out of love with it completely. Even my love of writing in general was taking a bashing so I knew if I wasn’t enjoying it and had no intention of trying to overcome what was wrong then it was the end of the road. After two months I quickly discovered it wasn’t blogging I didn’t enjoying it was what I was blogging about – finding the right topic is so important. Sometimes our starting point leads to a very different road… I just had to change lanes 😉 lol X


  16. Good advice 🙂 I’ve hit some bad blogging slumps hence why my anime review blog and my science and skepticism blogs disappeared. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet with Puddle Side Musings but I’ll be sure to return to this post when it inevitably does 🙂

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