The Perfect Tan?


Hey Beauty Buddies,

So as most of you already know, this summer I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect sun-kissed glow. Considering that our sunny skies have been very hit or miss this season, I’ve been trying an assortment of goodies from high end to bargain buys… so when the gorgeous PR team behind Lauren Goodger’s tanning range, Lauren’s Way, got in touch to ask if I would like the opportunity to try out a few of Lauren’s products I jumped at the chance. Could this really be the end of my search for achieving the perfectly bronzed body? Grab your cuppa, get comfy & let’s find out…


Firstly, let’s see what ‘Team Lauren’s Way’ have to say:

LAUREN GOODGER - Beauty shot

The grey skies and rainy days which so often feature in our summers – especially this one! – can leave us longing for sunshine, while summer fashion tends to mean exposed skin; but after months of grey skies, a natural tan to complement summer style can be difficult to come by. Enter tan queen and TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, who has now launched her LW Tan range here in Ireland//Northern Ireland – and beauty aficionados are loving the shades, the smooth finish and the scent of her affordable but effective product range.

The team at LW TAN has developed a shade for everyone with a go-to guide for first timers and experienced tanners alike. Many people are often confused over which shade is best suited to their skin tone, but Lauren explains:

“Our LW Medium range is perfect for first-time tanners or fair skin. If you’re nervous about trying tanning, then this is the shade for you. Products in our Medium range include: MEDIUM BRONZING LOTION; MEDIUM BRONZING MOUSSE; INSTANT WASH OFF GLOW and GRADUAL TAN.


“Our LW Dark range is perfect for medium/dark skin tones as this will leave you with an instant, bronzed glow – adding glamour to any look. We carry products such as DARK BRONZING LOTION and DARK GLAM TAN in this range. Not forgetting our LW MAN TAN too.


“Our LW ‘Darker Than Dark’ range is ideal for olive/dark skin tones, providing instant colour and leaving a deep, bronzed, intense colour after just one application. Our products in this range include DARKER THAN DARK BRONZING LOTION; BRONZING MOUSSE and DARKER THAN DARK GLAM TAN.


“Our NEW RAPID LW Solution 60 range is suitable for all skin tones, the light and hydrating solution leaves a holiday looking tan that develops within only 1-3 hours! No more waiting 8 hours for that luscious, luxurious tan you’ve always wanted. Available in both SOLUTION 60 BRONZING SPRAY and MOUSSE, Solution 60 is paraben free and specially formulated with tanning agent dihydroxyacetone to speed up the tanning process providing flawless coverage and a sun-kissed colour which is suitable for all skin tones and which lasts up to five days.

“Like all our products, it is infused with citrus and fruit extracts for a gorgeously fresh aroma. It’s the perfect tan for last minute parties and those who don’t have the time to wait for their tan to develop.”


Lauren also advises that for a streak-free application with all tan products, the LW BODY POLISH should be used prior to application to buff away dead skin. The tan products should ideally be applied with a LW TANNING MITT, and to maintain a golden and fresh colour, the LW TAN ENHANCING MOISTURISER can also be massaged into the skin daily. All LW products are long-lasting, luxuriously hydrating as well as being quick and easy to apply, plus the colour guide allows you to see exactly where you are applying it. Simple!

The Review

It’s quite an extensive range wouldn’t you say? Of course considering that my skin is bordering on translucent, I’m always a teeny bit apprehensive that I’ll end up looking obvious, blotchy and totally unnatural. However since I was sampling the Laurens Way  Solution 60 Mousse I’d have to wait at least an hour to see the final results after rinsing off. So using a clean tanning mitt & a whole lotta faith I got to work:

LW collage

I’ll admit the colour didn’t necessarily calm my nerves – if anything when I applied it I was convinced that it was far too dark but holding out hope I left it for a full hour as the guidelines recommend. On rinsing the result was INCREDIBLE. No nasty biscuit smell, no streaks, no lines, no obvious looking unsightly patches – just a beautiful radiant glow. My skin feels super soft with a hint of a sweet citrus smelling aroma. I am hooked.

Awaking the next morning the tan hadn’t faded, streaked or in any way looked patchy – just that same beautiful glow. I also noticed that it blended in beautifully over my hands… an area that always seems to be the first obvious sign of false tanning. In this instance there was no obvious lines or splodges – just an even sun kissed colour.

Of course the ultimate question is: would I re-purchase or recommend the Laurens Way Solution 60 Mousse? Hmm, lets look at the evidence before making a final decision…


A little higher priced than other ranges at £19.95 per bottle.

For those with little patience (or on a busy schedule) waiting (at least) an hour for the tan to develop is obviously more lengthy than an instant option. But ladies… it’s WELL worth the wait as the results are amazing.


Super easy to apply.

Very quick drying.

The citrus scent is beautiful.

The result is completely controllable… the longer you leave it the deeper it gets.

No dry patches, nasty streaks or obvious blotches – just a smooth natural glow.

Skin feels super soft.

Incredibly natural looking – even for the fairest of skin tones.

Totally mess free & easy to apply.

Like I said above, it may be a tad more pricey but rest assured it’s worth every penny for the finish & condition it leaves your skin – plus it’s a sizeable 150 ml bottle & a little goes a loooong way!

& not surprisingly…

It’s a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015!


So the answer to the above question is a resounding YES, I’ll most certainly be highly recommending the Lauren’s Way Solution 60 Mousse and will definitely re-purchase. I’ve finally found a tanning solution that actually works for my skin and ticks all my major wants in a tanning solution.

Lauren, I was running out of hope in finding a natural, build-able tan that would work with my pale complexion without that nasty biscuit smell… you’ve created a winner that even us pale beauties can enjoy. I love it!

Check out the Lauren’s Way website for more info on all the range & how to purchase 🙂

pink heart

Have you tried anything form the Laurens Way range? What’s your thoughts on tanning lotions or mousses? I love to read your feedback in the comments below so don’t forget to stop by and say a quick hello!

Have a great weekend – cheerio chums…

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27 thoughts on “The Perfect Tan?

  1. I don’t think this line is available in the U.S. I did just get a sample of St. tropez and I’m going to give that a try. I always struggle where to stop. How to do the feet or face? If I should arms and chest but then my neck won’t match. ????

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  2. It’s so difficult to get a natural look with fake tans. I’ve lost count of all my fake tanning disasters! I even had a Ross Gellar moment in a tanning booth *shudder*

    I’m currently using St Tropez medium to dark (even though I am snowflake white!) and this seems to be the best one yet. No streaks, no biscuit odour and no orangeness.

    I’ll have look into this one, too. It looks promisingly and is slightly cheaper than St Tropez (it’s ridiculously priced, I think!)

    Great review! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Karen! I hope it’s a cracking one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol lol Oooh gee Amanda I’ve been there at one stage too huni, a few years ago – not a good look eh? haha Funnily enough there was a girl on a YouTube video I spotted last night who likened this just as much as her beloved St Tropez… and she’s a tanning expert!! 😀 I haven’t tried the St Tropez yet but I’m absolutely loving this one… it’s gorgeous. No lines or streak or orangeness here either. amazing stuff… just wish I had off found it sooner!
      Yes, do look into it Amanda… I think you’ll really like it!! Have a cracking weekend too chum, hope it’s a good one 🙂 XXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • It happens to the best of us! Hehe. I’ll have to look into it. I haven’t seen it advertised before, but if it doesn’t streak and it isn’t orange…then it sounds good to me!

        And thank you! I certainly will have a cracking weekend! 🙂 xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep – I promise, no streaks and no tango tan!!! lol The thing I’m really impressed with is no awful smell & how soft my skin is… so lovely 🙂 Glad to hear it huni XX


  3. Yummy, the smell of citrus!! I think we’re both into scents 🙂 I’ve tried faux tans before, and I looked like I got burnt and then it just turns to dirt. A dirty person I was. Trial and error with each little spray bottle and mist 🙂 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great review Karen! Very informative! This product sounds like it works great! It sounds like it works like the Cocoa Brown Tan that I tried. Though I admit I haven’t really bothered using any sunless tanners this summer. I’ve just embraced my pale skin and was indoors most of the time lol. I’m glad to hear that your search is finally over!! Yay!! 😀 XXXXX

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  6. Ugh, I’ve been dying to get my hands on a good self tanner. Let’s just add this on to the wishlist haha Thanks for sharing! And glad it didn’t streak or blotch on you!

    Liked by 1 person

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