The Chubby Bunny Challenge…

Moi, participating in The Chubby Bunny Challenge… You can’t be serious?

That’s right gals, there’s not a mascara wand or blusher brush to be seen in this weeks video & considering that I’ve been contemplating whether or not to release this into the public domain I fear it’s either going to tragically kill or bizarrely boost the ratings of my little Channel… for all the wrong reasons *shakes head in shame*
However, seeing as my fabulous step-daughter Hayley & her boyfriend Tim were visiting for a few days it would have been an utter shame to part ways without some sort of cringe-worthy souvenir, right? šŸ˜‰

Just over 4 minutes of possibly the most unattractive footage you’ll lay your lamps on this year… however I do hope you enjoy watching half as much as we did filming!

Cheerio chums…

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58 thoughts on “The Chubby Bunny Challenge…

    • lol lol I’m soooo glad you didn’t – wouldn’t want this video to be the cause of any traumas – it’s already traumatic enough Mecia haha Glad you had a good giggle hun, hope you’re keeping well XXXX


    • Well consider yourself officially nominated to do it…. all you have to do now is convince your brother to make an eejit of himself lol Glad you had a laugh at it, you HAVE to do it Jessica – sooo much fun šŸ˜€ XXXXX

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      • lol lol Thanks chum šŸ˜€ Popping over to In The Beauty Box shortly to see what I’ve missed out on – soooo behind this past week on my blog reading! Need a darn good catch up šŸ˜€ XXXX

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      • Oh no worries, you haven’t missed much I’ve been MIA for the last week. I’ve had a ton family staying at my house since we had a huge BBQ this past weekend at my house. I felt bad I wasn’t around as much. It is what it is. šŸ™‚

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      • Oh gosh I had family over too Jen, thankfully though it was only 2 – my step daughter & her boyfriend & they were a treat. Having a huge clan of people would be mega stressful… how do you cope?! lol Hope the BBQ went as well as could be – now you can relax šŸ˜‰ XXX

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      • We had about 20 people over for the bbq and about 3 sleeping in the guest room for the weekend, I’m use to it. šŸ™‚ It just means no time to blog unfortunately. I make sure everyone brings a dish to share at the very least. Paper plates, plastic serve ware is your friend! Everything went off without a hitch, thankfully. šŸ™‚ In America we do things big or go home! lol The holidays are more chaotic. Glad that you had a fun time with your step daughter, she seems like blast. Xxx ā¤

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      • Oh gosh that sounds crazy Jen – I’d be on meltdown lol Yep, blog has to be abandoned at times like that… nothing else for it!! Isn’t disposable dinner ware a life saver?lol Ahhh I can’t even imagine the hols… I’m having my family over again for Christmas so I’ll need to start getting the energy levels up pretty pronto – takes me ages to mentally prep for all this haha Yes, she really is so much fun – was great to catch up with her!! Have a super weekend Jen šŸ™‚ XXXX

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  1. Omg Karen this video was too funny! I have seen this challenge before but have never done it myself. What a fun challenge! You guys did a great job! šŸ˜€ XXXXXXX

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  3. I was laughing so hard when I saw this. I really commend you on I think it was 8. I think I would have chocked by the second or third one with all of my laughter, I probably would have inhaled it or something, lol. Very fun to watch. šŸ™‚

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