The Must Have Eye-Shadow Trio’s…

MUA eye shadow swatch and review


Happy Friday Chums…

You gals should all know by know how darn excited I get when I stumble upon an incredible little beauty buy, however when a find turns out to be as gorgeous as these 3 Eye-Shadow trio sets from MUA then it’s time to shout about it from the roof tops! So if you’re on a mission to lavish your lids in a wash of colour for a price tag that’s just as impressive as the pigmentation then look no further ladies – I’ve found your lids a trio of hotties 😉

Here they are in full glory….

MUA Eyeshadow Review 2

At a mere £2.50 each I simple had to pick up 3 of these gorgeous little compacts from my local Superdrug store – however if you’d prefer to take the lazy daisy approach by ordering directly from the comfort of your own arm chair you can do so by *clicking here* for Superdrug or *click here* to be transported directly to the MUA store where you can fill your virtual basket with as many goodies as your heart desires… well, we all deserve a little treat now & again eh ladies? 😉


Pink Sorbet

MUA Pink Sorbet

For those who love to dress their lids with a pigmented hint of shimmery pink then Pink Sorbet trio is absolutely stunning. Although they all come with a teeny tiny applicator (which I personally never avail off) both my Real Techniques brushes & Lamora Eye brush set blend these soft hues perfectly. Here’s a little swatch of them on the skin for you to swoon over. Aren’t they beeeeeeautiful?

MUA Pink Sorbet swatch

Chocolate Box

MUA Choclate Box

Dipping into the more richer tones I absolutely adore the shades of this particular mini compact. If you fancy bedazzling your eyes in a wash of warm Indian summer style colours then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this bronzed effect beauty. Take a peek at the swatch below – I’m in love!

MUA Chocolate Box swatch 2


Mua Eyeshadow Innocence

Of course no shadow collection would be complete without a collection of rustic gold tones. Pretty much perfect for any eye colour I’m literally swooning over these stunning shades that will add a pop of warmth & glamour to your peepers. How beautiful is the colour pay off in the swatch below, I’m beyond impressed.

MUA Innocence swatch

pink heart

So there you have it ladies – my trio of MUA eye-shadows that are ideal for every day use or for glamming up your eyes on a dazzling night out.

What one’s your favourite? Have you tried anything from this range yet of shadows yet? What’s your thoughts on MUA? Whatever your opinions I’d love to read them in the comments below so do be sure to stop by for a quick chatter!

Ps: If you fancy taking a peek at a few other beauty bargains for under a fiver then check out this weeks post on July’s pocket friendly finds by *clicking here* 

Wishing y’all an awesome weekend chums…

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61 thoughts on “The Must Have Eye-Shadow Trio’s…

  1. Im on the fence with MUA some products I really love and some are awful. I found these a little hard to pick up colour when I used them, but maybe I was using the wrong brush! Beautiful swatches though. If you ever want to try other bits, I’d really recommend their mosaic blush & undress me foundation 🙂

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    • Awwh that’s a shame with the hit & miss Laura 😦 I think most brands are like that but so far I’ve had all good experiences with MUA… I was using my Lamora brushes and found they picked it up really well, very pigmented. Maybe you got a bad batch? That happened me with Rimmel eyeshadow once – just a thought 🙂 Will definitely try out the mosiac blush – don’t remember seeing that so will go back and have a good look to see if I can pick it up!!! XXXX

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  2. These are such beautiful trios! I wish we had MUA here… :/ They kinda remind me of the Bourjois Smokey Eye Trios a bit.

    The colour selection is to die for! The first one seems perfect for blue eyes – I think the pinks will compliment blue eyes fairly well. 😀

    Lovely post! 🙂


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  3. Wow Karen! These look gorgeous! The swatches look amazing! They’re so pigmented! They kind of remind me of the Elf Baked Trios. I haven’t used mine yet but I need to! So that might be a good alternative for us here in the U.S. that can’t get our hands on this product. Baked shadows can be hit or miss sometimes. Bh Cosmetics makes great ones! Elf’s are hit or miss. Thanks for sharing these with us! I would love to see some eye looks! 😉 XXXXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie if ever we get round to doing our swap I you’ll be getting a few of these!!! lol Just soo darn pretty & really pigmented… I still need to check out ELF!! Yes, it seems that they are a tad hit or miss which is super frustrating – will check out the BH ones though!! Will definitely create a few eye looks for ya with these 🙂 XXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh Karen I would love to try those! They look awesome! 😀 They’re so very pretty! Bh Cosmetics has a Galaxy Chic palette that are baked shadows and they are really pigmented too. I’m looking forward to seeing your eye looks! 🙂 XXX

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  4. Wow they are so pigmented and pretty! I especially love pink sorbet. I think I saw this brand in one of the US drugstores around me… I’ll have to check it out because these sound amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Toby!!! I’ve been meaning to drop you an email but things have been so darn hectic this few weeks that my inbox has been abandoned virtually *sob* Will def pop over to check out the giveaway 🙂 Sounds very exciting, hope you’re keeping well, promise to get dropping you a line very soon ❤ XXXXX

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  5. Love that last trio! Absolutely gorgeous ❤
    Definitely going to have to stop by superdrug soon. I've never tried out mua so now I know what to look for!! 😀
    Love this post. Xxxx

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    • Awwh that’s a shame hun 😦 Keep a good look out – maybe you can get them via their website? I’d imagine they have all the range on there 🙂 Fingers crossed you find them as they’re so lovely XXXX

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