Winner Of The Urban Decay Naked Palette Competition….

Winner Is

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!! *Squeals of joy*

Not only is it my Birthday *Wooo Hoooo* It’s the day I announce the lucky winner of the Urban Decay Naked Palette CompetitionΒ that’s been running throughout June to celebrate reaching 1000 awesome followers. Yes, 1000!!!!! I’ve literally been bursting with excitement for this moment… wanna know the winner?!

*Drum roll please* πŸ˜€



Winner congratulations

Yes, YOUΒ are indeed the luckyΒ ladyΒ pulled at random from a shockinglyΒ huuuuuuuge stack of entries! Well done Buff & Blend!! Please drop me a line via my contact page to arrange shipping info etc.

A maaahoosive thank you to allΒ who entered, shared, followed, commented… the response was absolutely incredible!

Finally, without sounding like I’m babbling some sort of soppy Oscars speech… I’d genuinely like to thank each and every one of you for your support, encouragement, kindness, virtual friendship & darn right loveliness. Creating Confetti & Curves & watching it blossom to over a staggering 1000 followers has been one heck of a fun experienceΒ – all thanks to you lovely lot ❀


Congrats again to the gorgeous Buff & BlendΒ – don’t forget to check out her blog if you haven’t done so already, it’s a haven for us cosmetic cravers. Wishing y’all a wonderful Wednesday!

Cheerio Chums…

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112 thoughts on “Winner Of The Urban Decay Naked Palette Competition….

  1. Happy Birthday β™₯ Finally something we don’t seem to share πŸ˜‰
    And congrats on the followers, very well deserved of course because your blog is amazing πŸ˜€
    And congratulations as well to the winner: truly a great giveaway!
    xx Anne

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  2. Congratulations to the winner!! That is so awesome!! Also a very Happy Birthday to you Karen! Even though I already told you on FB lol. This is exciting! I wonder which Naked palette she chose hmm? πŸ˜‰ I actually stayed up a little bit and waited for you to post this post so I could see who the lucky winner was because I was so excited to see! Lol! If I’m up past midnight here then I usually see your posts then. Now I am up early in the morning and have been having trouble sleeping. I hope that you got a much better night’s sleep than I did! Anyway, Karen I hope your day is fabulous today! You deserve a beautiful day! πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ *Hugs* Lots of Love! XXXXXX

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    • Awwwwh thanks once again huni πŸ˜€ I believe it’s number 3!!!! Awh you stayed up?! How awesome!! hehe Sorry to hear you’re having problems sleeping 😦 Though I’m sure the heat doesn’t help! Thanks again my wee blog bestie – you really are a star XXXXXXXXX *huge hugs* ❀

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      • You’re so welcome Karen! πŸ˜€ Oh number 3 is a great choice! πŸ˜‰ Yes I stayed up because I just had to know who won lol. With already having trouble sleeping I didn’t want anything else to keep me from sleeping! Lol! We have pretty good air conditioning which is always nice! I went out today and it was so hot! I ended up napping away the afternoon though. You are the star Karen!! *Huge Hugs!* ❀ XXXXXXXXXX P.S I hope you're having a great day!! πŸ˜€

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      • lol lol – oooh you really do make me giggle πŸ˜€ How is your sleep now huni? Any better? Oh I’ve had the most MISERABLE few days Katie – horrid chest infection, soooo ill in bed. Could hardly lift my head yesterday so have been missing my blog chums terribly 😦 Just couldn’t get on – totally floored. Honestly thought I was going to have to be admitted as couldn’t get a breath – so scary *sob* Thankfully it’s lifted a little now! So good to get back on – I’ve miss ya sooooo much 😦 XXXXXX

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      • Oh no Karen! I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. 😦 That’s awful! I hope you at least saw a doctor or something. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing a little better but be sure to get some rest! I’ve missed you very much too! ❀ Get better soon! XXXXXXX


  3. I literally can’t believe it! Thankyou soooo much 😁😁😁 I have contacted you! I hope your having a wonderful birthday! 🎁🎈 in speechless.. Although you wouldn’t tell by this comment hehe. Thankyou again! xoxo

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    • Awwwwwh there you are… I’m literally wading through a heap of congrats messages for you huni lol I bet you are utterly speechless, winning is awesome eh?! hehe You are sooo welcome – shall get a reply over to you very soon huni! CONGRATS AGAIN *hugs* XXXXX

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  4. Happy birthday Karen!!! I’m sending you hugs from the US (by way of the internet) and wishing you a glorious day and even more amazing year ahead ❀ ❀ ❀

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    • Ooooh for fudge sakes Kaily – I (had) fun plans until it all went tits up when I took a chest infection (haaa – how ironic) Have *literally* been wheezing around the house like a vintage tractor these last few days!!! Feeling utterly rubbish. HOWEVER my sis arrived today with a goodie bag full of birthday pressies and a choccie birthday cake – mega awesome!!!! Cheered me up now end – lungs still hanging outta me tho lol And thank you for the birthday wishes gorgeous gal – means soooo much ❀ Hope you're keeping as well as can be?! πŸ˜€ XXX

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      • Awe that sucks! I’m pretty sure I read that you were sick in your video explination for this month. I’m so sorry to hear that 😦 But what an awesome sister of yours to stop by with some fun stuff! Is she older or younger? My sister is almost 3 years younger than me. I miss her, we haven’t hung out in a while. I hope you get to feeling better soon!


  5. Happy Birthday hun Wooo Hoooo β€πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‰β€ I wish you the happiest day ever, full of love ❀, fun and gifts. But don’t forget the cake πŸŽ‚ as well πŸ˜€

    Congrats πŸ’ again for the 1k followers and may it be many more.

    Cograts to to the winner of this this awesome giveaway πŸŽ‰

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    • Thank you soooooooo much Galit – sorry I’m only replying to this now sweetie as I’ve had a rough few days of it with being very unwell. Thankfully back on my blogging bandwagon a bit more now…. was touch and go for a while lol Thanks again for such an awesome comment – you cheered me up no end ❀ XXXX

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      • I read hun that you are not feeling well and I truly hope that you are starting to feel better ❀ ❀ With everything that is going, lol, I am also way behind my post reading and replying, lol πŸ™‚

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