Pimp Your Pumps…

Pimp Your Pumps

Hey Blog Buddies…

I have to admit, although I relish a pair of super-comfy casual shoes I’m rather partial to a teeny bitta bling every once in a while. Naturally not all summer days are bursting with sunshine here in N. Ireland, so having a pair of sassy little pimped-up pumps helps add a touch of fun glam to any summer outfit for those slightly cooler days. I absolutely adore mine & have even been asked by complete strangers where they can get a pair of their very own…. hmmm I feel a crafty little DIY tutorial brewing 😉 Here goes:


1) Treat yourself to a shiny new pair of pumps. It doesn’t have to be the latest Converse, in fact it’s probably best you try it out on a cheaper pair first. I bought my tester pair from Dunnes Stores which were well below only £8. Not bad eh? 😉 Alternatively you could always up-cycle any old Converse you might have lurking in the depths of your closet by popping them in the wash (just make sure to check out the manufacturers cleaning guidelines first!)

grey  converse

2) Gently clean the tip of your shoes with a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove any grimy residue that may prevent your crystals from sticking… this leaves the tips clean & ready to decorate!

toe of pump

3) Pour a blob of fabric glue onto a paper plate – you’ll only need to use the tiniest amount so make sure it’s no bigger than a penny. Whatever you do make sure you use fabric glue to ensure the materials bond together strongly enough for everyday wear & tear. Ordinary craft glue just ain’t an option crafters! I’d recommend using Gem Tac by Beacon, it worked a treat for me & set the crystals perfectly!
Fabric Glue
4) Scatter out your gems onto a separate paper plate. Roll a small blob of Blu Tack onto the end of your cocktail stick.  Carefully lift a crystal using the blu tack end of your cocktail stick and dip the base of the crystal very lightly onto the glue then immediately fix to the toe of the shoe. Start at the edge and work across.

Alternatively you can put a tiny patch of glue onto the rubber toe and apply your rhinestones straight onto the shoe, however you need to work really quickly as it dries super fast!


5) Leave your shoes to dry overnight then Voila… your sparkly new pumps are ready to wear!

Sparkle 1


Don’t forget you can try this with a whole range of brightly coloured rhinestones!!

Fancy giving this a try yourself? What coloured crystals would you go for?


sparkle shoes 2

As always thanks so much for stopping by & don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below! Have an awesome weekend chums…

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50 thoughts on “Pimp Your Pumps…

  1. This is such a fantastic idea! For any south of the border readers, Pennys (Or I guess Primark?) do AMAZING converse knock offs and they last for an eternity. I have my current ones for 2 years now, with wearing through all weathers. I’ll probably go and pick up a new pair this summer, so looks like my old ones are in for some razzle-dazzling. With the oldest pair (yes, I have already had 2 I love them that much) I spruced them up with acrylic paint! It lasts perfectly and you can patterns to your hearts content. I opted for dreamcatchers and feathers ❤

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    • Yes, Primark/Pennys have a great range – as do Dunnes Stores! They really do last forever, I’m so surprised being so affordable!!! Ahh the acrylic paint sounds a great idea – you should pop a little post up up you ever decide to do it again 😀 Love dreamcatchers (& feathers too!) Thanks so much for such a lovely comment and all your fab tips huni – have a brill weekend ❤ XXXXX


    • lol Thanks soooooo much Mil, that’s so lovely of you huni 😀 Oooh wow, they’re the perfect candidate for bedazzling!! Perfect weekend project indeed lovely lady 😉 Have a great one too & thanks for stopping by – always makes me smile seeing one of your wee comments hehe 😀 Xxxxx

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  2. I love that idea of the bejeweled little shoes!! So creative and such a fun way to spice up “boring” shoes. You always have such clever DIY projects! I wonder if you can bejewel people?!! 😀 😀 haha 💗🎀xo

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  3. I did this to some Mickey Mouse ears. Did one in all white stones on the ears and red/white stones around the “Disneyland” patch. The other is black stones on the ears & red stones around the “Walt Disney World” patch. Every time I wear them at the park’s I get stopped SO many times by people asking where I got them. 😊

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