Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen


Have y’all had an awesome week?

It’s been birthday’s GALORE here as a multitude of Emma’s friends & a few of our family members have enjoyed celebrating their special days… and today is no exception as we’re off out bowling & to celebrate my baby brother turning the grand old age of 20! Apologies in advance for potentially bombarding Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with embarrassing ten-pin bowling piccies, shameless selfies & snap shots of yummy desserts!

However before I whip the entire clan’s behinds with my bowling skills here’s a quick round-up of this weeks Confetti & Curves offerings for any of you who like to keep up with Karen 😉


Totally Nailed It…


Check out my mini tutorial on how to apply these gorgeous Jamberry nail wraps…

Behind The Blog featuring World of Cos…

World of Cos

Going behind the scenes with one of the loveliest bloggers around… check out Cos’s interview!

Ask Me Anything – Part 2…


The final fun-filled instalment where I tackle all your questions from my Ask Me Anything post!

Behind The Blog featuring Helpless Whilst Drying…

Helpless Whilst Drying

I catch up with the stunning Rachael on the ‘virtual sofa of sassiness’ for her fun-filled blogger interview!

My Top Tips On Getting YOUR Article Published In A Magazine…

Top Tips On Getting Your Article Published In Magazines

Fancy seeing your writing in print? Then check out my ‘Top Tips’ for getting published in the glossy mags!

pink heart

As always, thank you sooo much for the support, comments, encouragement & just darn right loveliness throughout the week. You’s guys really know how to brighten even the gloomiest of days!

Do feel free to post a favourite link from your blog this week in the comments below so we can take a virtual trip over to check it out. Otherwise don’t forget to say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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12 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Karen…

  1. Hi Karen! I’ve really enjoyed your posts this week as I always do! 🙂 Sounds like you’re having a fun weekend! Enjoy yourself! I am a terrible bowler but it’s still fun lol. Let’s see, my favorite post of mine this week was my MOTD post. Everyone left such lovely comments and they really brightened up my day! 😀 Here is the link:
    I will be checking back here to check out what every else’s favorite post is. Have a great rest of the weekend!! ❤ XXXX

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey lovely lady! Yes, I’m just home – we went bowling and then to a place called Blue Chicago which (funnily enough) is an Amercian style grill/diner… such yummy food and soooo ridiculously full now! Feel like I need to sleep for two days & not eat for a week! lol lol Oh I lost one game & came one from last in another (there were 8 of us) so I have to admit I’m not the best either lol
      Oooh I LOVED that post of yours too Katie – that eye shadow really made your eyes sparkle, such a stunning look! Thank you so much for leaving the link for anyone else to check it out too!!! Have a wonderful Sunday chummy – sending Irish hugs to you 🙂 XXXXX

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      • Hi there Karen! 🙂 Sounds like you had a blast! I haven’ been bowling in such a long time but that’s a good idea if Ron and I are looking for something to do. He makes fun of the way I bowl because I always bowl the ball crooked lol. It’s fun though so that’s all that matters!
        Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed that post! I’m about to head over to your blog again see what other posts everyone else has left. Such a great way to find new blogs! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday too! Sounds like you are! 🙂 sending American hugs back to you! 🙂 XXXXX


    • Awwh thank you Natalie 😀 I’ve had it since I was in my teens but recently changed the little bar over to a diamond – seems a bit more dazzly than my norm but who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle right?!?! hehe Hope everything is well with you huni XXXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • It really suits you!! I am keeping well thank you – still training hard but i push on through because of all those kind sponsors! hope you are well xx


  2. 20! Wow, happy birthday to him. I thought about it and no one in my generation of my family is 20 anymore. My youngest cousin is 22 this August. Kind of feels like the end of an era.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s kinda weird isn’t it… that’s the last of my siblings out of their teens – we’re getting on in our old age now V… thankfully we’re not *quite* ready for pipe & slippers just yet though eh? lol xxx


    • Thank you so much Katina – that is such a lovely comment 🙂 I’m really glad you like the graphics, it’s definitely not my strong point so that has made my day lol Have a wonderful week ❤ XXX


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