The Mummy-Daughter TAG…

Happy Wednesday Peeps…

Yes, it’s that time of the week where I bedazzle you all with yet another ten minutes of rambling, however today’s video is a little bit unique as I have a very special guest joining me… my very own mini-me, Emma! I’m sure you’ve all read about her somewhere along the Confetti & Curves journey or possibly spotted a picture of us getting up to some sort of mischief on family outings or tackling a crafty project! So as Emma fiercely claims to be my biggest fan *Awww*  it seemed like so much fun to introduce y’all to her!

Don’t forget folks that next weeks video is my Ask Me Anything feature, so if you have a burning question you’d like to ask me then now’s your chance – you can take a trip over to the original post for all the details & to leave your question by *clicking here*, I’ll be sure to give you & your blog a friendly shout out!

Hope you enjoy the video & meeting Emma, she’s super excited to say hello to everyone 🙂

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87 thoughts on “The Mummy-Daughter TAG…

      • I loved that the mother-daughter bonding shines through so lovely with the two of you… she seems like a very smart, loving kid Karen… you’re doing a great job with her! ❤
        tell her I said she’s a beautiful lil baby!

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      • Awwww that really is the most heart warming comment – can’t thank you enough, as a mama it means so much to read this. I must say I’m very blessed to have such a great little girl, she’s like my shadow – always with me lol Thank you again, I will surely let her know *hugs* ❤ XXXXXX

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  1. Awe Karen this video was so fun to watch! Such a cute video! It looks like you two girls had a great time making it. I would love to see the chubby bunny challenge! Haha! 🙂 xo

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  2. This is so cute Karen!!! I loved watching your video and listening to your answer 🙂 I especially loved her describing the color cream and how it would be a great “texture” for a room. LOVES!!! Hope both of you and Emma have great day ❤ xoxoxo Janet

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    • lol I had no idea she even liked cream Janet – that really threw me, I was expecting it to be pink or purple or maybe even red.. the usual colours little girls magnetise towards… cream was a shocker lol Glad you enjoyed it huni and thank you sooo much for stopping by and watching. We’re wishing the very same for you too 😀 Xxxxx

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  3. This is adorable! And All Dogs Go To Heaven is a lovely little film, but I will admit Aristocats is slightly better 🙂 I loved your reaction when Emma said Cinderalla wasn’t her favourite haha. Great little video x

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  5. she is such a mini-you Karen!! literally couldn’t stop smiling at the way through this aha! it was so cute to see her so confident – definitely looking forward to seeing videos with her again x

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