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Hey Blog Buddies,

 As most of you know, I launched Confetti & Curves back in October of 2014. Since then I’ve had the utter pleasure of making so many new interweb chummies – all thanks to the powers of WordPress & Social Media! Starting off in the blogging world is always pretty nerve wrecking but having a community of such supportive & encouraging folk really does wonders for the confidence and builds amazing new friendships along the way.

Of course being marinated with kindness from you lovely lot has also recently given me incentive and courage to even start my own YouTube channel *click here to check it out*… something I NEVER thought was personally achievable, yet it’s happened and I’m loving the *slightly intimidating* fun I’m having making my weekly rants and rambles. However recently it occurred to me that even though I blog 5 days a week, interview many of you guys for the roaringly successful Behind The blog series, read your posts & interact with as many of you as time allows me to, I thought it would be fun to invite you to ask me any questions you just might have that I normally don’t cover in my day-to-day posts. Sounds like fun? *Hmm* I thought so too 😀

So if there’s anything YOU would like to know – it could be about likes, dislikes, friends, personal life, family life, relationships, work, beauty, career, coping with anxiety, health, parenting, the blog…. *the list goes on*… then by all means leave your question in the comments below & I’ll be sure to tackle it all in a Q&A video. Oh, and do feel free to leave the url to your blog/YouTube channel too (if) you’d like me to include it in your mention.

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Wishing ya’ll a rather jolly Monday *if that’s at all possible* 😉

Cheerio chums…

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77 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything…

  1. Love a Q&A. Can I ask out of pure curiosity, is blogging your full time job and if so how did you make it that way? Sounds v nosey eek hope that’s ok! xx

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  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love this.
    I would love to know how you manage blogging,family and work?
    I sometimes struggle to blog because I can’t seem to manage my time between doing that and working xx

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  3. What a fab idea! Of course I have tons of questions, but, I’ll ask this one. How would you describe yourself if you could only use five words? And to sort of go along with that, what do you think your best characteristic is? Yayyy xoxo 💜

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  4. Lovely idea! Here’s a three-in-one! Lol What is your favorite blog post you’ve written to date, you’re most popular post, and one that you’ve read that has stuck with you?

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      • You’re welcome Karen! I think it’s a great idea for a post. I’ve thought about doing a questions post too. Maybe sometime I will soon. Hopefully everyone would be willing to asking me enough questions for it lol. I can’t wait to hear the questions your asked and what your answers are. 😀 XXXX

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      • Oh you should Katie, I think it’s a good wee opportunity for others to get to know you a bit better and ask anything you may not usually chat about 🙂 Of course they would…. I have a list here ready for ya lol lol Funny I thought that too, but I reckoned if I got 5 that would be an achievement and enough to make a video over lol You could do it just as easy in post format! Go for it girl, it could be so much fun 😀 hehe xxxxx

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  5. Fun! 1) Where is your favorite place that you’ve traveled? 2) Where would you most like to visit? 3) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Super random, yes…but inquiring minds want to know 😉

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  6. Another great idea as always Karen. Well I may have two questions to ask-hope that;s not against the rules, haha. First question: How do you find time to manage your Social Media accounts (Twitter, IG, YouTube, etc). Second question and forgive me if you have already addressed this in a previous post, how did you get an article published in a magazine. It’s actually become a goal of mine to get something published at least once and was wondering if you had any pointers you can share. 🙂

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    • Awwh thank you so so much!!! And of course, two questions is more than do-able 😀
      Oh Stephie they are BRILL questions!!!! Excellent choice girl, Arrrgh I’m so eager to blurt out everything right now lol lol Heck I could dedicate an entire video to just those two answers alone lol Thank you so much for asking those huni, they’re great! XXXXX

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  7. Hi Karen – haven’t had time to read all the questions so I hope I’m not repeating – apologies if so!
    I’d love to know how much time you dedicate to reading other blogs and commenting, as you are such a good commenter and always good at responding to comments too. It’s something I struggle with time-wise, so I’m interested to hear your take on it. Also how many blogs do you subscribe to, and how many YT channels to you watch? Look forward to the video xx

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    • Hey Caroline – thank you so much, no probs at all & nope you’re not repeating any 🙂 Great questions!!!!! Gee I’m answering these straight away in my head as I’m going along lol Looking forward to giving it a bash, shall see how it goes – my editing skills are non existent so this should be a ramble-fest xxx


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  9. Hey hun, I love Q+A and I have so much to ask you, lol.
    For now I really want to know how you get organized with all that you have to do and keep the posts up and now vlog as well. I am not so good at planning ahead (well, I am a bit) and would love to know how you plan plan and execute your day 🙂

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    • Hey chummy 😀 Why thank you, I was a bit worried putting myself out there but thought ‘oh what the heck’ lol
      What a great question – I almost feel rude not answering you all straight away LOL I shall have a good ponder over my daily schedule and report back via the video 😀 hehe XXX

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