A Box Full Of Beauty Goodies…

Hello Mr Postman

Hey Beauty Buddies…

It’s Frrrriiiiiiday *dramatic air punch* Yes, the weekend is upon us & the sun is shining – what more could we ask for?! Okay maybe a glass or two of something strong and fizzy but that’ll come later in the evening 😉  I’m in such a cheery mood as not only is it two whole glorious days of no alarm clock bleating in my ear at an ungodly hour of the morning, but I can finally muster up a bit of free time to sample some gorgeous goodies that arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. My poor neighbours must be well accustomed to my regular screeches of excitement as I recently won an amazing giveaway from the lovely Anne over at Doves & Roses, however on Wednesday afternoon yet another burst of squeals ricocheted off the walls as my giveaway package arrived a little earlier than anticipated.

So wanna know what the postman brought? Here goes…


Chanel lipstick

 Chanel 444 Gabrielle

After excitedly tearing through the neatly wrapped individual little parcels, the first thing I clasped my mitts on was a delectable Chanel Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in shade 444 Gabrielle. This rich ruby red is going to be the perfect companion for nights out or by simply just livening up a muted makeup menu by adding a touch of royal red. Isn’t it beeeeeeautiful?


Mini Chanel Makeup Purse

Chanel bag

This darling little mesh bag is perfect for discretely carrying my essential makeup must-haves on a daily basis. It’s the ideal size to pop into any purse.


Bourjois Cream Blush

Cream blush

Cream blushes are something I consistently adore wearing. For my pale and (almost) translucent skin tone they work a treat by adding a dewy healthy glow without looking harsh or unnatural. Considering I’m a huge fan of Bourjois I was literally hugging this teeny little compact that comes with its very own miniature mirror.


Catrice Eyeshadow Palette

Catrice Cosmetics

Catrice ROSE eyeshadow

Possibly one of the nicest range of blush toned shadows I’ve seen. This Absolute Rose Eyeshadow palette by Catrice Cosmetics in ‘010 Frankie Rose To Hollywood’ is the perfect bend of soft shimmering pink tones. Considering these are the colours I regularly magnetise too (hence my undying love for the Naked 3 palette) I cannot WAIT to treat my eyes to a skimming of these sweet shades.


The Body Shop Lipgloss

The Body Shop Mango Lip Gloss

If you haven’t tasted this flavour already then by George you’re missing out. This has got to be one of the most taste bud tingling, sassily scented glosses I’ve ever tried. Considering I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the body shop I’m surprised I haven’t indulged in this flavour sooner, but wow oh wow am I glad I’m the proud owner…  it. is. aaaahmazing.

So there we have it guys, my fun box of giveaway goodies. A huge thank you to the lovely Anne for hosting such a super-duper giveaway, I really am chuffed to bits… not to mention a little woozy at the excitement of taking ownership of such a gorgeous array of products.



If you haven’t already checked out Doves & Roses yet then I suggest you take a virtual hike over asap. Anne’s blog is crammed full of product reviews and goodies to make even the most sophisticated of cosmetic consumer swoon!

Wishing y’all a fun filled weekend chums…

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72 thoughts on “A Box Full Of Beauty Goodies…

  1. I’m so jealous Karen! AMAZING giveaway to have won. That Chanel lippie is the most beautiful red! Would love to hear your thoughts once youve tested it out! xx

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  2. I’m all about the red lipstick at the moment – can’t get enough of it! I also swear by Bourjois Cream Blush – it’s one of my favourite makeup bag items!

    I hope you have a very HAPPY Friday *Dramatic air punch* <- Sorry, I just had to do that! 😉 xxx

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    • Haaaaaa, your comments never fail to ignite a giggle huni!! Glad I ain’t the only one air punching today lol Isn’t the red lovely?! I honestly cannot wait to test drive it Amanda 😀 Wishing you a fab weekend lovely *hugs* xo

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      • I tend to shy away from eye-shadows these days – I recall in horror, how I used to colour in my eyelids rainbow coloured, using every eyeshadow I owned – yep, not a good look… Mind you, I got a few looks! (Not of the good variety though!)

        This was in school, when I first started experimenting with makeup. I like to think my makeup skills have improved somewhat. And you can’t go wrong with a red lippy! 👄

        Have a great day! I hope the sun is still shining ☀️xx

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      • Wow that must have looked rather interesting huni – is it wrong I’m having a good giggle at that Amanda?!?! lol
        Oh I used to pile on pressed powder when I first found makeup, the compacts I went through was unnatural haha
        I should hope they have as you look gorgeous – not a hint of multicoloured lids about you 😀
        Sun still shining here – hope the same there too lovely XXX


  3. So happy to see that everything arrived in one piece. I really obsessively wrapped everything and prayed for a safe arrival 😉
    Still so happy that you won my little giveaway and I could send to goodies to one of my best blogging buddies. I look forward to seeing you wear that red lippy Miss Karen!
    Happy friday and hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
    xxx Anne

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    • You done an awesome job at the wrapping Anne… I also done a less awesome job at opening as my excitement could NOT be contained lol
      I’m so happy too Anne, and the little card was so lovely – shall keep that on my pin board 🙂 I’ll be posting pics of the lippy look sometime soon *eeeeep* Happy weekend chum XXXXXX

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  4. Congrats Karen! Everything look so nice! You so deserve this beautiful giveaway prize! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy your weekend trying out your new goodies. I love Anne’s blog! She is such a gem 😉 Xxxx

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    • Awwh thank you so much Katie – I was so excited to hear I’d won, honestly I couldn’t believe it as I very rarely win things lol She really is a gem indeed – as are you!! Such supportive blog buddies Xo

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      • Now I want to see what that beautiful lipstick looks like on you! 😉 I hope that you will post pictures on IG or wear it in a video sometime. 🙂 You know you’re very much a gem too! You’re always so supportive as well! Xo

        Liked by 1 person

      • Awwwh thank you so much Katie 😀 I can’t wait to wear it… hopefully this weekend coming I’ll give it a whirl and take some piccies for you to see 😉 hehe Oh yes I could wear it in a video too! Great idea!!!! Hope you’re having a great day lovely lady ❤ XXXXXXX

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      • Oh good! I am just dying to see it on you! 😀 I am weird I know haha! My day is going all right. I am running a bit slow today but not too bad. I was up early this morning for a bit but then that ended when I went back to sleep lol. Now I just get to do some laundry today. Oh fun! lol. I hope you’re having a great day too lovely! ❤ XXXXXXX

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      • Noooo you’re not weird at all silly moo!!! 😀 Glad your day is going as well as can be huni, just make sure you rest plenty!!! Don’t over do it with the laundry!!! As for me I have the feet up and catching up a little on a few comments before off to bed – soooo darn tired as up from 4:30am *yawn* early mornings finish me off lol X

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes! It’s probably night time there. Its still in the afternoon here. I haven’t started on the laundry just yet. I have been procrastinating and reading blogs of course lol. I will probably just do one load at a time and I will pace myself. I hope you get a goodnight’s sleep tonight! That’s way early! X

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome Karen! Well the laundry didn’t get started…maybe tomorrow haha! I ended up using my energy to make myself look somewhat presentable because I have felt so frumpy lately lol. Well I hope you get that sleep then. Ttys!! XXX

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  5. So jealous this post got me feeling all kinds of envy! Those cream blushes are amazing contemplating buying one after seeing this since I haven’t purchased one is years!! Thanks for the brilliant post thoroughly enjoyed xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I know Janet – I really was so darn lucky!!! My first Chanel lippy too – feels extra special 😀 hehe Can’t wait to try them out – as long as I don’t get too excited and end up over doing it… lol Wishing you a wonderful weekend too lovely *hugs* XXXX


  6. I am quite literally drooling over that blush! It is such a perfect spring color! Though I always feel as though I look funny when I wear blush 😛 I hope all is well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol Isn’t it lovely Cyndel 🙂 I’m so darn chuffed with it!! Really? Haaaa that’s quite strange, I’m sure you look lovely with it! Hope all is well with you too huni, how is uni? Are you enjoying as much as you can? 🙂 XXXX


    • Doesn’t it just Jo?! 😀 No unfortunately I haven’t – hoping to this weekend coming so promise to take some piccies & report back on how much I love it!!!! lol Hope you’re keeping well lovely 🙂 Xo xo

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