Curvy Sports Wear Essentials…

Curvy Sports Wear Essentials

Hey Curvy Chums

It’s that time of the year when a nifty little notion stirs with me for getting back into some form of regular fitness regime – especially after months of hibernating from the teeth chattering winter weather! However now the sun is beginning to make a regular appearance I thought it was high time to have a nosey around the interweb for this seasons key curvy sports wear pieces…

Sports wear essentials

1: Adidas Messenger Bag

Brighten up any outfit with this cutesy 3 stripe pink messenger bag, which is the ideal mini handy hold-all perfect for any sporty enthusiast… also boasting a comfortable padded shoulder strap to carry all your essentials with ease. Available from Sports Direct


2: Panache Sports Bra

This super smooth sports bra is the ideal solution for securing a few of your most valuable assets ladies *aahh hemm* particularly whilst on the move! With its seam free design, padded straps and super supportive cups you’ll be guaranteed to feel as comfortable as possible. Available from Simply Be.


3: Charlotte Jackson Curvy Tee

This beautifully soft v-neck tee in dark grey with contrasting trim and ties is both stylish and sassy for any active curvy gal. Available to order in sizes 16-24 from Charlotte Jackson.


4: Ruched Yoga Pant

These relaxed fit yoga trousers are designed with an extra long ruched waistband that can be worn higher on the waist or lower covering the hips… in fact pretty much any way you like! Available to order in sizes 16-24 from Charlotte Jackson.


5: Watermelon Zip Up Hoody

I’m literally in love with this bright & bold watermelon coloured zip up hoody with handy draw-cord to the hood, roomy front pockets and cute silver crown embroidery. Made from a soft cotton jersey for extra comfort… best of all it’s available right up to size 36 from Yours Clothing.


6: Spiral Hair Toggles

Of all the handy little accessories these are by far one of the most effective for keeping your locks tamed during any gym or sports session. The unique plastic spiral design is both high stretch and non slip! A bargain at only £4.00 for a pack of 5 from Sweaty Betty.


7: Sketchers Flex Appeal Love Ladies Trainers

Step out with tantalising tootsies in these hot pink ladies trainers from one of my favourite leisure shoe designers, Sketchers. Featuring an engineered knit mesh upper, Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole with FlexSole shock absorbing and super-flexible midsole – you’re feet will LOVE you for treating them to these sole pampering sports shoes. Available from Sports Direct

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So there you have it ladies – a whole new sporty wardrobe for us girls with a few more curves to consider! Have you recently treated yourself to a few new workout items or are you thinking of updating your current sports wear closet?

As always thanks for stopping by & don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below! Have a super weekend y’all 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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42 thoughts on “Curvy Sports Wear Essentials…

  1. Those Sketchers trainers are fabulous! I love the bright color! Anything ruched is ALWAYS flattering I feel. I try to find those kind of tops (and even pants too) to hide extra “flubber” very flattering and can be slimming which is perfection! 😀 XXX

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  2. Excellent post Karen! I could really use a sports bra just like that! I have these cheap ones that I buy but they aren’t very supportive and I have been thinking about trying to be more active and possibly exercise! lol. I have some work out clothes but I tend to use them to throw on if I have to run a quick errand lol. I also bought the Olay Toner today even though that’s completely off the subject I was just letting you know. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! ❤ Xoxo 🙂

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    • I’m the very same Katie – and I’ve heard quite a few fitness instructors mention how damaging wearing a non supportive sports bra can be!!! Another blogger mentioned Victorias Secrets do an awesome one but not sure what size they go up to…. I’m guessing on hear say small sizes?! Me too Katie – now the better weather is here I’d like to at least get out on a few evening beach danders 🙂 Oh Yaaaaay for the Olay Toner!!!!!!!!! Super excited lol I really hope it works for you huni 😀 Have a super weekend too lovely ❤ XXXXX

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      • Yeah big boobs are overrated lol. Victoria’s Secret caters to the non-plus size women. I think if they added a plus size selection then they would make a whole lot of money. Not that they don’t already make enough. I’m excited to use the toner today!! Thanks Karen! I am sure this weekend will be nice! ❤ XXXXX

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      • LOL LOL!!!! I sooooo agree!! I’m telling you chum I’d donate a good percentage of mine if it was possible lol Ahhh I thought they might have, however it’s a brand I know virtually nothing about – apart from the hype around their ad campaigns, which would suggest they don’t cater for us curvy gals!! I sooo agree – I’ve no idea why these companies leave out plus size girls, it’s not like we don’t like nice things lol Even if it was branded under a different label or collection – it would make a whole load of profit, keep the haters of their backs by promoting a plus-friendly range and of course fill a gap in the market. Seems a bit of an obvious one to me!!! *doh* Hope your first toner test goes well lovely 🙂 XXXXX

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      • Yes!! I agree with everything you said here. Exactly!! I used to be able to wear Victoria Secret when I was in my early twenties and was very slender. Though my weight has always gone up and down and now it’s just really up lol. I just love food so much and it brings me so much comfort. I have been eating way too much lately. I need to buckle down and take control. I need to find something else to replace eating, like maybe exercising lol. I am going to try that toner tonight after I wash my face. I smelled it and it smells really good! 🙂 XXXXXX

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      • I love the toner!! It smells great and feels great after I use it. I am so glad that I bought it. I also have an Olay face wash that I have been using as well. So it’s nice to be using the same brand for my skin care. But then I have completely different products when it comes to my face serum, moisturizer, and eye cream lol. Those are from subscription boxes that I get and I get tons of them so I never have to worry about running out of those it seems. Though I am not the greatest when it comes to sticking to a skin care routine lol. I can be a bit lazy haha. I am heading over to your new post soon! It’s open in my tabs bar. XXXX

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      • Isn’t it lovely – the smell is just incredible,I’m sure there’s other nice ones out there too but I’m hooked on that scent for now lol I agree with using the same brand, I always think they work better when you keep it in the family 😉 However like you my face creams are different too – I’m using the Dove Pro Age Nourishing oil and OH MY GOOODNESS… the difference in my skin and even makeup is unbelievably, it’s also another treat for the senses as it smells beautiful too! Oh you lucky thing to have a whole load of lotions and potions at your finger tips!! lol I’m heading over to catch up with yours this evening – that way I have peace for ten minutes to read them lol XXX

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      • That Dove Pro Age Nourishing Oil sounds lovely too! Hmmm…I might just have to try that one as well lol. Though I should probably use up what I have first. The bad thing about subscription boxes is that you end up with product overload lol. XXX

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      • Ooooh Katie it is so so so good, very nourishing especially if you have dry/combo skin like I do… plus my face is so darn sensitive so it’s nice to have a product that does its job without the nasty side effects! Ohh gee Ron will ban you from chatting to me anymore lol
        Yes, probably best to go through the mountain of goodies you have there already haha XXX

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      • Yeah I was thinking to myself today that I buy way too many things lol. I need to stop shopping and buying so much because I have way too much as it is lol. I am pretty set with everything I need. Being a beauty blogger though you’re always wanting to try out different products so it can be hard to resist buying lol. XXX

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      • Haaa that’s me too Katie – I think we’re all guilty of a little over-treating every once in a while lol That’s exactly the problem, we see so much stuff that it’s so hard not to want to try it out – shame it burns a huge whole in the pocket lol *sigh* 😀 Xxxxx

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      • Exactly! Haha! I am glad I’m not the only one. After I pay my bills and buy my plane ticket I won’t be able to spend much at all next month lol. Oh well I am just happy that I will get to go home and see my family. 😀 Xxxxx

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