My Friday Night Fav’s…

My Friday Night Fav's

Hello lovelies…

It’s the weeeeeekend *happy dance* Oddly enough, for someone who works from home there’s still something unique about Fridays (even if all the other days often mull into one) it just has that fuzzy exciting feeling… the entire human race seems in such a cheery mood with everyone wishing each other a happy weekend as they prepare to spend two glorious days wrapped up in a duvet with no alarm set *aaahh bliss* whilst those of us with kids are just so darn thankful to get a break from the damp & grizzly school runs.

However, Friday night is what I reeeeally look forward to! It’s that one night of the week I close the laptop, turn off my phone, light every candle I possess and spend a solitary night of catching up with ME – and this Friday night is no exception! So to kick start the weekend here’s a few of my Friday night favourites that have somehow evolved into an essential weekly ritual…


Honeymania Body Shop

First things first… I run a huge hot steaming bath! Every other day of the week a quick shower is perfect but Friday nights are for lying back in a tantalizing tub filled with my most special lotions and potions. I’m loving this Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt from The Body Shop. Just drizzle in for oodles of creamy bubbles that smell utterly amazing. Pure indulgence.



 After a good long soak in my honey infused bubbles it’s time to chillax with a little facial treat to pamper the pores. My skin usually takes quite a blattering this time of year with living right beside the sea, so it’s nice to treat my face to something that little extra special even if it is just once a week! Try out this gorgeous Creamy Coconut face mask by Montagne Jeunesse – it’s an absolute bargain at a mere £1 (currently available from Boots) and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.


Evans Pyjamas

 My next step is slipping into the comfiest pair of PJ’s & fluffy slipper socks I can find! I recently spotted this adorable BEE MINE Pyjama set from Evans, which I’ve promised myself as soon as pay-day arrives. Who can resist wearing such charming little bumble bee’s? Certainly not I. Great news for all my fellow curvy chums – they’re also available up to a size 32! *yippee*


The Notebook

 Once snuggled up on the couch it’s time to settle down with a girly DVD. My favourite one a the moment has to be The Notebook… it’s just one of those movies I never seem to tire of watching. Okay, I admit, Mr Gosling may have something to do with it – but screen hotties aside, it’s such a amazing story that has me clutching firmly onto my Kleenex from the opening scene. I’m pretty sure us gals measure the success of a movie in how many tears we shed. If by some random chance you haven’t seen it yet (where the heck have you been?!) clear the schedule and watch it… just remember to remove all traces of mascara beforehand to avoid resembling Alice Cooper.



 Of course no Friday night movie marathon would be complete without the obligatory munchies and seeing as I’m *trying* to be a tad healthier in 2015 I’m sticking to lighter snacks such as popcorn and freshly squeezed juices with my new fruit blender – which I must say is working a treat ladies, if you don’t posses one you absolutely must!! The smoothies are aaaamazingggg…

 pink heart

Are you a Friday night recluse who loves to hibernate and catch up with some ‘me’ time? If so, how do you unwind? As always I love reading your thoughts & feedback in the comments below so do take a moment to say a hi! Wishing you all a fabulous Friday night 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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92 thoughts on “My Friday Night Fav’s…

  1. Friday night is always about catching up on favourite TV shows, cooking a nice meal. Tonight is toast chicken with sweet potato peri peri wedges and brussel sprout slaw. Being on a healthy kick I might just treat myself to a chococino from our new shiny Dolce Gusto coffee machine 🙈 so grown up! X

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      • I love your Friday nights too!
        I am okay thanks Hun, slowly getting more road confident again. Tinks is off to the garage next Thursday, fingers crossed to be fixed.
        Thank you so much for asking 😘 Xxx

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  2. Thi sounds exactly like my perfect Friday! Bubble bath, facial treat (I’m on the shores of one of the Great Lakes. I feel you on the skin beating in the cold), cozy PJs, a snack and a movie. That sounds like utter perfection! And probably close to what I’m going to be doing tonight.

    You’ve pretty much captured exactly how I unwind. I usually like to add a glass of wine and a book with the bath, though. Not that is relaxing.


    PS, I nominated you for a thing. I know you’ve been nominated before but you deserve it again! Here’s the thing

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    • Sounds like we both know how to make the most of our Friday nights Dannie!!! 😀 Nothing better than unwinding after a busy week!

      Just popped over and cannot thank you enough for the award – chuffed to bits that you would think of me huni ❤ *hugs* XXXX

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  3. Sounds like you have such amazing Fridays! Even though I am always at home, I look forward to Friday’s too. Those pajamas are adorable! I hope you enjoy your night tonight and have a wonderful weekend! My night tonight will be going out to dinner with Ron and then we are getting our haircut lol. So exciting haha. 🙂 Xoxo

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  4. Sounds like a great Friday to me! If I don’t go out, then I love taking some time to put on a face mask and catch up on my favorite shows. Your post is a great reminder to get in some crucial me time- after a hectic week, it’s well deserved. 🙂

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  5. Super lovely post!!! I love baths, though seldom have them because my apartment only has a shower. Life goals = a bathtub! Those ‘bee mine’ pj’s are to die for 🙂 Glad to know you are still enjoying your fruit blender, I am as well!!

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    • Awwh thank you Cyndel 🙂 I know, baths are amazing – there’s nothing more relaxing after a busy day/week right? Hope you fulfil your life goal of getting one lol Are the pj’s so cute?! I was just saying to Katie that I instantly thought of you when I saw them!! I’m guessing this is going to happen every time I spot something with a bumble bee on it!! 😀 Yep, still loving the blender – hoping to make a banana/strawberry & honey smoothie later today! Hope you’re well *big hugs* 🙂 Xo

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  6. That sounds like a perfect Friday night for me too! If i’m not travelling home then I love to chill out with some tasty snacks and a good film! 🙂 xx

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  7. Your Friday sounds soooo good. I barely unwind anymore with my last year of school plus clinical. I need to take note and make it a no-technology, me-time. I have that honeymania in body butter, and I love it! I didn’t even know they had it in bubble bath.

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    • Hey Kie – thanks for stopping huni! I haven’t tried the body butter or scrub but will be sure to give them a go 🙂 If you manage to buy yourself a tub one day make it the first product you pop into it!!! hehe 😀 X


    • Me to Patricia!!!!!! Think of how utterly chilled out we’d be lol Thank you so much for following lovely… I can’t seem to follow you via the WordPress platform but have followed via BlogLovin 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by & saying hello Xo ❤


  8. Awesome post Karen! You’ve described my perfect Friday night. I love staying home and relaxing in my pjs. I also love taking baths. My snack of choice is most definitely homemade popcorn. So delish!

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