Tried & Tested: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Water


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (400 ml)

Where I purchased it & cost:

Superdrug – on sale at present for £4.99, however I bought my bottle on special offer for around £3.50 in late November.

Available from other leading retailers & drug stores too.

Manufacturer Description/Unique selling points:


Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin. 


No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up. 


The Result: Perfectly cleansed and refreshed skin without rubbing or rinsing.


Micellar Cleansing Water comes in a generous 400ml format for up to 200 uses*.


*Based on 2ml per cotton pad.


Personally I love the packaging. The bottle is very pretty, it’s also transparent so you can easily keep check of how much product you have left (aka – when to time your next spree) The colours are bright and appealing, it’s also obvious what the contents of the bottle do from the labelling so you’re not having to read teeny tiny writing to figure out what part of your anatomy it’s for and why. Also worthwhile mentioning it’s not a huge cumbersome bottle and the flip top lid is rather secure, so easy enough to pop in an overnight bag.

However the only thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t visually jump off the shelf. A few times (in various stores) I’ve spent a good few minutes specifically searching for it so could be easily over looked if you’re not careful… or, maybe I just need to invest in some relatively strong specs?!


I must admit I’ve heard such raving reviews about the Garnier Micellar water that I was keeping fingers crossed it wouldn’t disappoint. I always get so ridiculously disheartened when something is so positively promoted and I’m the only human in existence that doesn’t seem to agree with the masses. Thankfully this wasn’t the case with this product… it feels super-fresh on application and (most importantly) easily removes even the most stubborn of make-up. I should mention I do occasionally like to layer on the waterproof mascara and true to its word it does the job of removing it with ease wonderfully.

Overall it left my face feeling clean, refreshed and with absolutely no sensation of tightness or soreness. I’ve quite a sensitive complexion when it comes to facial products so it doesn’t take much to flare up some unwanted side effects and luckily for me I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.


If truth be told I’m really clutching at straws with this one… however I will say that I feel 200 uses is stretching it a little considering I’ve used quite a large portion of mine in less than 6 weeks. Maybe I wear a little too much every day make-up but my bottle has went down considerably so this may be more suited to those who wear much less make-up as part of their daily regime.

Another tiny *personal* gripe is the lack of smell. This may sound a bit of an odd one but I really do love opening a bottle of cleanser and sniffing a gorgeous fresh fragrance wafting out at me… which is exactly why I adore my Olay Toner – the smell is incredible.

Lastly, the product runs out very quickly from the opening of the bottle. Just ensure to keep your cotton pad pressed against it tightly to avoid any unnecessary product spills or splashes.


I’d certainly recommend & repurchase… especially for those nights when the thought of my normal night time skin care routine is just too tiring (yes, those lazy evenings, we all have them girls!) However those who wear minimal/light make-up products will most definitely get the most of their money by hopefully prolonging the contents to as close to 200 uses as stated.


If you’re looking for an effective, quick and easy way to remove make-up without spending a fortune I’d highly recommend the Garnier Micellar water. It’s feels fresh, soothing, great for sensitive skin types and the packaging is pretty too. All in all a thumbs up and healthy 8/10 overall.

Go Garnier, another great product at a price we can all afford!

 Garnier Micellar Water 1

Have you tried the Garnier Micellar water, if so what was your final verdict? Or is it a product you’d be willing to try? Whatever your thoughts do feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below – as always thanks for reading!

Cheerio Chums…

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62 thoughts on “Tried & Tested: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

  1. I absolutely adore this product! I agree it may not do 200 uses, but i do use 3 cotton pads to remove my makeup so it probably does about 200 cotton pads. At that price though, I think thats an easy point to forgive. I know what you mean about finding it too! Doesnt help that its so popular its often sold out where I am!x

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    • That’s so true Rach, usually when I do find it there’s only a couple of bottles left (if that) Yes, you’re so right – it is easy to forgive considering the price, it’s fantastic value for money 🙂 Thanks for commenting lovely! Xo

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    • Thanks so much for commenting Anjelique 🙂 That’s great you are also enjoying it – I must admit it removes mine which happens to be a Rimmel one! Is your mascara waterproof? That cleansing balm sounds interesting, never tried anything like that – you have me intrigued now 😀 X


    • Hey Jasmine, thanks so much for commenting huni 🙂 I did too, hence the purchase but I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed! If you do try it let me know what you think Xo


  2. Glad you liked it Karen! Just a great and easy product. I happen to have two full ones in my stash, they always seem to have a 2 for 1 sale every now and then 😉 Makes it even more affordable!

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  3. Great review! I could definitely use a product like this for days I wear darker eye shadows. I usually use those cleansing wipes, but sometimes they aren’t enough. I did a quick search online and I don’t believe this product is available in the USA. I’ll look next time I’m at the store there might be something similar.

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    • Thanks so much Jamie 🙂 That is SUCH a shame it’s not available in the US, I do believe other brands also sell Micellar Water, so there could very well be a similar product on the shelves!! Keeping fingers crossed you find something identical – it’s such a great product & lovely on the skin, honestly much much much better than the wipes from my experience. Keep me posted on how you get on 🙂 X


  4. I have been seeing this product everywhere lately. It really does seem to be a big hit. Brilliant review, Karen! 🙂
    I think I will give this a try especially since you say it works well for sensitive skin. 😀 xx

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    • Hey chum – thanks so much for your kind words as always!! 🙂 Honestly Nadine you really need to give it a go, especially for the price. I think you would really really like it – very refreshing too. Hopefully you’ll find it or something very similar 🙂 Xo

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    • Haaa funnily another blogger (Natalie) also mentioned I should get it in Savers… I’m clearly missing out on bargains galore here lol Glad to hear you’re also a fan, seems very popular indeed! Thanks so much for commenting Sall 🙂 Xo


    • Thanks so much Carol – I doubt you’ll be disappointed!! It’s great stuff, seems to be alot of positive feedback about it and thankfully it doesn’t cost the earth if you don’t feel it’s for you!! Not sure if you have a Savers store where you are but apparently it’s very well priced in there – could be worth while popping in on your next shopping trip 🙂 X

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    • Really is such a shame Amber – I have no idea why they don’t sell it as it seems quite a lot would purchase it too. A whole market of beauty/skincare lovers they’re missing out on. Hopefully you might be able to find something very similar?! Xo

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      • I actually just picked up the Sephora Favorites set of cleansers, and it includes a Caudalie Micellar Water. I tried it last night, and I have to say I’m not all that impressed. It was a light makeup day and it barely got off my regular mascara!


      • Ooh that sounds really disappointing. I’d expect more from that…. I must say the Garnier one does a great job of removing mine and I’m quite a heavy make-up wearer too!! Are other Garnier products available in the USA Amber or is it just the Micellar Water?!


  5. I still haven’t taken the time to try this guy out so thank you for the review! I love the Bioderma H20 cleanser, which is my #1 liquid-based quick fix. But, it’s way more expensive! I found it funny Garnier went for the clear bottle + pink combo just like Bioderma. I gotta compare!

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  6. LOVE this stuff!!

    I started using it about a month ago, and my feel that it is so much more effective than facewipes! I don’t have one single facewipe in my house right now. I agree that it is great for a little amount of make up, as after a night out (Where i will wear more than the usual amount of make up) I will need yo use more than a normal day.

    I also picked it up from Superdrug when it was on offer, and love it so much, that I went to pick up another one before the offer changed!! and I have recommended it to so many friends who agree how much more effective the product is and how much their skin has improved since using it.

    So yea, GREAT product!!



    • Hey Hannah – thanks so much for the awesome feedback huni, much appreciated!!!! 🙂 So glad you like the product, it’s made my night time routine so much easier – especially on those nights I just can’t muster up the energy to do the whole routine lol Like you, wipes are a thing of the past in this house too – I really enjoy using it, as with the Olay toner – ooooh the smell of that is incredible!!! lol Thanks so much for the fabulous comment, really appreciate your thoughts 🙂 X


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