Have You Found Yourself Not Going Out Much After You Turned 30?

Awesome post by the lovely Laura on the subject of going out after 30…. also featuring a few comments from participants from Behind The Blog. Can you find yours?! Regardless of age – leave your thoughts guys, I know she’d be delighted to read them 🙂 X

OMG I'm Thirty

It’s a funny thing- a day or two before New Years Eve, my roommates asked me if I was going to any kind of party or bar or would watch the ball drop on the big day and I was immediately just like ‘no.’

I didn’t feel at all bad about it. In fact, I didn’t feel one teeny weeny eentsy weentsy bit bad. I was actually relieved. I liked the idea of doing nothing on New Years Eve.

And both of them agreed. ‘No one seems to be doing anything for New Years,’ they said happily. They both had no particular plans- one of them was going to a friends house where they’d have some wine, but that was it. It was almost a gleeful realization- we don’t necessarily have to do anything for New Years and we’re still happy.

I actually ended up working a small but well-paying event…

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16 thoughts on “Have You Found Yourself Not Going Out Much After You Turned 30?

  1. I stopped going out after I turned 25 lol It wasn’t a calculated decision or anything, but I just found that I preferred to stay home and go to bed on the weekends rather than going out. I spent NYE with my parents, my sister and her fiance and my brother, sister in law and three crazy nephews playing board games. 🙂


  2. I’ve never done anything special for new years even when i was into partying. I’m not yet 30 but partying went out the window went i finished college. No more overwhelming school pressure = no need for partying

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    • I think that pretty much resonates for a lot of us Dasha!! I’ve never had a massive NYE thing – more a fun gathering with friends/family & that’s how I prefer it. Going out can cost a massive amount of money for sore feet, getting crushed and waiting 45 mins just to get a drink on a regular Saturday night never mind one of the busiest nights of the years… no thanks, I’ll stick with staying home! Who’s with me? lol X

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  3. I’ve actually been going out MORE since I turned 30. My boyfriend is a musician and has gigs almost every weekend and sometimes more than once a week (next week he has 3!). I’m 40 now and not seeing any signs of slowing down yet.

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    • Oh wow – go you!!! To be honest that sounds fantastic and it’s so awesome you are out there supporting your boyfriend 🙂 I’ve heard the rumours that life begins at 40 anyways… another 8 years and I could be on your wave length! lol x

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      • Turning 30 didn’t phase me at all. I was actually looking forward to it as I hated the latter half of my 20s. I hit 25 and was just done with it. So when I hit 30 I was all, “Bring it!” and I really enjoyed that decade a lot. Turning 40 didn’t phase me either. It was more, “I’m 40? When the hell did this happen?” LOL! But the best part is I look younger than I am so when people meet me, they usually think I’m in my late 20s!

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      • loling at your 40 comment – that is SUCH a positive attitude!! I love your outlook as so many dread the turning of age, personally I think you’re only as old as you feel. I dreaded turning 30 as leaving my 20’s seemed like waving goodbye to my youth… ridiculous right?! Thankfully since then I’ve simply accepted it and moved on! Life’s too short to worry about the numbers anyway 😀 Maybe your positive attitude towards life keeps you looking fabulously young, I must say your pics really do resonate that. Go girl for looking and feeling so youthful 🙂 Xo

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