Christmas with the Rees’s

Christmas Rees

Hello lovelies,

Firstly, I trust you’ve all had an amazing Christmas? It’s certainly been a fun filled one here – apart from being held ransom by a viral infection *blurrrgh*  Yep, it would just be my luck to catch something on the one day of the festive season where you hope to be germ free. Yesterday was spent wrapped up in my duvet beside a small mountain of grotty tissues *yukkk*, cough meds and bottles of fizzy red grape Shloer to keep my sugar levels at a all time high. Thankfully it’s paid off as today I’m feeling a tad more human… still, I’m hoping to get fully recovered for New Years Eve celebrations *fingers firmly crossed*

Anyways onto the exciting stuff… did Santa bring you all you hoped for? I have to admit I done exceedingly well thanks to my incredibly thoughtful hubby, and of course Christmas day was a roaring success with everyone full to the brim on turkey, stuffing, roast veg & lashings of my sisters amazing Pavlova… possibly the best dessert I’ve ever tasted, all thanks to Leah’s creative culinary skills 😉

So, for any of you who may be eager to know what goodies I ripped opened on Christmas morning I thought I’d show you my favourite picks… I’m beyond excited to get using them all!

Christmas presents

1. Owl cookie jar – my ‘Secret Santa’ knows me soooo well!

2. Hand carved Giraffes – along with owls they’re my fav little home addiction & these are super cute! Thanks mum 🙂

3. Juice Blender – finally I can make my very own fruity concoctions *yummm*

4. Falsies – because I’m always bleating on about giving them a go!

5. Miranda Tote from Accessorise – my hubby has SUCH a good memory. I adore this gorgeous bag *swoon*

6. NAKED palette – needs no introduction. Love at first sight *sighs*

7. Owl Jumper from Evans – I had my eye on the cutie for quite a while… beyond cute & oh so cosy too.

8. Miss Dior – another little surprise from hubby who took a guess at the perfume counter and won hands down!

9. Thorntons Chocolates – a huge box for me to much my way through well into 2015 *nom nom*

10. Real Techniques Brush Set – Nic picks, perfect for face & eyes… exactly what I need them for *woo hoo*

11. NAKED 3 palette – ‘Are you SERIOUS?!?!? AHHHHH’ was all I could muster… I know, I’m a lucky gal!

12. Owl Tea light holder – because it’s beautiful & every home should have one 😉 Thank you Ray.

13. A bottle of something bubbly to help calm the excitement – thank you Curtis & Demi, I couldn’t fit the giant chocolate Santa in guys! 🙂

Christmas presents 2

Oh, and a gorgeous new camcorder to capture lots more happy memories with – didn’t I do rather blooming well? I certainly think so! Here’s a few more piccies to help sum up the festivities…

Christmas Tree

The Rees Family Christmas Tree… in all it’s glory!

Christmas Fireplace

The Fireplace all set up for Santa’s arrival

Chritmas Shopping

Hat shopping with my supposed selfie-shy sister

Christmas Shopping 2

Emma trying on her fuzzy head wear!

Off To See Santa

Girls day out… on our way to meet Santa


The man himself… with a very happy Emma!

Santa snacks

A few treats for the special guests arriving! 

Emma on bike

A new pink bike and sofa full of pressies… woo hoo! 

So there you have it,  just a few of the snaps I managed to capture over the last few weeks. Unfortunately I was so busy making dins, drinking grape juice and chatting way too merrily that I forgot to take pictures *aarrgh* but it was such a great day. Thanks so much to our amazing family members who made it extra special… you really are an awesome bunch!

Hope you all had a fun filled Christmas too – and hopefully virus free *sniff sniff*

As always thanks for reading chums…

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83 thoughts on “Christmas with the Rees’s

  1. Ooo naked 3 pallet I see there yourll have lots of fun experimenting with that haha and aww I hope you Al had a great Christmas and have a happy new year p.s your daughter is so cute I hope she got everything she wished for too 🙂


    • Hey Millie 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by, so lovely to hear from you! Awh, thank you so much, she is a super girl and was beyond thrilled with her gifts. Yes I’ll be having lots of fun with my palettes! hehe Had a wonderful Christmas thank you lovely, hope the same for yourself 🙂 Xo


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas aside from being sick. I am sorry to hear that. I hope you will recover and feel better soon! ❤ That is so awesome that you got the Naked and Naked 3 palettes! Such thoughtful gifts all around 🙂 xo

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    • I sure did Katie – it was fabulous. Tried my best not to let the virus get me down but come boxing day I was absolutely floored by it and simply had no option but to crawl into bed and sleep it through. Thankfully on my way to recovering now – long may the progress continue lol. Isn’t my hubby so thoughtful? I was utterly gobsmacked and beyond thrilled – can’t wait to try out lovely new eye looks. They really are such beautiful palettes, I can see what all the fuss is about now 😀 Thanks as always for your lovely comment, hope you’re also keeping in good health chum Xo xo

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      • Glad to hear that you’re recovering. Hopefully you will feel all better by New Year’s Eve. You’re hubby is very thoughtful! I have just been resting myself this weekend. Have had some increases in pain and hopefully it goes down soon. I do feel a little better today anyway thankfully. You’re always so welcome and thank you for your lovely comments back! xoxo 🙂

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  3. Your gifts are so lovely! You and your daughter look so alike and are both equally stunning. 🙂
    I hope you feel tons better, Karen! It seems you had a lovely Christmas. 😀 xx

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    • Awwh thank you so so much Nadine, you really know how to make me smile!! 😀 I think Em’s is very like Steve, but hey I’ll go with your take on it for a change hehe Thank you huni, starting to feel a little better now – had a fab time. Hope the same for you too chum XXX

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    • Hey Jen, thanks so much for commenting!! Oh wow – you got it too… well you’re in for a treat when you open it, it’s beeeeautiful 😀 Had a wonderful holiday thanks – hope yours was lovely too!! How is your dad, is he recovering okay? Hope all is as well as can be lovely Xo

      Liked by 1 person

      • He’s home and doing so much better! Thank you for asking! ❤ He's been telling me he has a new lease on life. lol I'm very happy everything is back to normal, the holidays went over great, so we're just over here waiting for the new year to start. So cheers to you and yours and have a Happy New Year! 🙂

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      • Awwwh wow – that’s absolutely amazing Jen!!!! So chuffed to hear he is doing well, what a relief! And a new lease of life for him too… woo hoo!!! lol Delighted for you huni, really I am. Have an amazing new year – something to certainly celebrate 😀 Xo

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    • lol Britney – this made me giggle!! Yep, I’ve been a lucky little duck this year! Can;’t wait to use it – almost just want to leave it as it is with tags on as it’s too blooming pretty haaaa 😀 Hope you had a fabulously jolly one too lovely X

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      • I’m going to have to get one for me too! I love the pocket on the front! And you for sure need to rip those tags of and use it EVERYDAY…a purse that pretty shouldn’t stay locked up lol Christmas was very good to me too! I got a DSLR camera- canon t5, iPhone 6, a couple computer games, a sewing book with patterns, a rotary cutter and cutting mat, a couple movies, and a lot of chocolate!! Lol I made out like a bandit too 😉

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      • Wow wow wow – you really did hit jackpot there missy!!!! That’s one heck of a list!! So many new gadgets to enjoy – sounds like you’ll be having lots of techie fun 😀 You’re absolutely right… time to start using my new bag!! No point in having it sitting pretty and not being used – defeats the object really eh? lol Xx

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  4. WOW You got amazing stuff on christmas totally loved them all. I loved those owl stuff so much, i heard keeping owl with you give good luck. I am really excited for your coming up reviews about Naked palettes and Dior fragrance.I loved your purse also. OMG your fireplace decorated so beautifully. BTW your little sister is really cute doll. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much lovely – I sure did!!! Once I manage to pack away the tissues from blowing my nose 20 times an hour I’ll be cracking it open and experimenting with new looks hehe Hope you also had an awesome Christmas too 🙂 Xo


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