My Christmas Eve Essentials…

Christmas eve essentials

There’s always something different about the atmosphere come Christmas Eve, it’s that electrical charge of excitement that leaves us full to the brim of holiday hype and hope. I love it! Yet in the midst of all the extra energy I seem to hit a point where I need to slow down and savour the moment. So to help relax and get my festive feelings in order here’s a few of the little treats and essentials I look forward too on one of the most magical nights of the year…

Pamper Hamper

Whilst everyone else is busy with last minute wrapping and preparations I find it the perfect opportunity to catch my breath for an hour after a busy few weeks preparing for Santa’s visit, not to mention the wave of jolly relatives that will descend upon me for plates full of turkey and stuffing the following day. Taking that little breather the night before helps to recharge my batteries and leaves me feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to party!
This gorgeous set from Soap & Glory has everything a girl needs to look and smell delicious, including: Clean On Me shower gel, Heel Genius foot cream, Hand Food hand cream, The Scrub Of Your Life body scrub, The Righteous Butter body butter, Glad Hair Day shampoo & a super smoothing Body Polisher! Best of all it comes in a cute bag and is a catch at only £18 from Boots. Check it out online or get yourself down to your nearest store pronto ladies!

Festive Tunes

Of course whilst I’m plucking & preening myself it’s essential I have something festive to keep my spirits well and truly in the Christmas mood. However this isn’t a time for screaming Wizards or festive floor fillers, this is a time for chilled out merriment… and who else’s yummy crooning vocals could woo me better than Mr Buble’s Christmas album of course!
If you haven’t got your little Christmas mitts on a copy where have you been? He’s well worth the investment especially if you’re a fan of those timeless Christmas classics sung by the likes of Bing Crosby & co. It’s full of gooey goodness that makes my heart melt *sighhhh + grin*


I’m almost thinking it’s a mandatory requirement that everyone should be slipping into a fresh new pair of cosy pj’s on Christmas Eve! There is no better feeling after your little pamper session than snuggling up in a cosy pair of cute pyjamas and toasty slipper socks! I found this cute pair of robin pj’s on TJ Hughes website for only £9.99, what do you think? Personally I’m in love with them!

Christmas movies

I could literally pick a dozen of my favourites and still not be done, however seeing as our little girl is always tickled with Elf I’ll have to recommend it on Emma’s behalf! Honestly, this fun Christmas film has adults & kids tee-heeing with laughter at the awesome Will Ferral who plays an Elf trying to make his way in the big city… if you haven’t watched it make it top of your movie play list!
However there is one other sentimental addition I simply have to mention… Santa Claus the Movie. Yep it’s an oldie but as a kid this was the ultimate Christmas flick my sister and I watched every year before totting off to bed and hoping that we’d been good enough all year to justify a visit from Santa. It brings back a flood of amazing memories that make me smile so much.


Most of you know only too well that I have a slight obsession for candles any time of the year but when it’s Christmas and all those gorgeous cinnamon scents hit our high street I’m in a festive frenzy loading my shopping basket full of yummy yuletide wafts… and this weekend is no exception as I’ll be taking a trip to my local Yankee Candle store to pick up a their amazing Christmas Eve candle *swoon* Have you smelt it yet? It is divine! What better way is there to create an authentic scent-sational ambience?

Hot Chocolate

I don’t believe it’s officially Christmas Eve in the Rees household unless you’re holding a huge cup of hot chocolate with marsh mallows and whipped cream on top. Okay, so it’s not going to do the waistline any favours but who blooming gives a toot?  Tis the season to relish in a few extra treats including popcorn, gingerbread men and yummy bowls of little savoury tasties. You can tell what the New Years Resolution’s going to be this year again right? *rolls eyes*

Ps: Pop a little peppermint candy in your hot chocolate to give it a mild minty taste… it’s too yum for words!

The Stockings

Finally as the night draws to an end and you prepare to tuck yourself into bed, don’t forget to hang your stocking & leave out a few extra treats… after all it’s been a busy season for Santa & his elves, running around department stores searching for your favourite MAC lippies & must have eye shadow palettes (well, fingers crossed eh girls?)


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas Eve? As always I love a good chatter so do say hi & leave your jolly thoughts in the comments below!

Cheerio Chums…

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48 thoughts on “My Christmas Eve Essentials…

    • Awwwh wow – what a lovely comment Jessica!! Glad to hear you’re getting into the festive feel hehe 😀 You know you’re right…. okay – I Tag you to do your Christmas Eve Essentials! How’s that? lol Merry Christmas huni 😀 Xo

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  1. Excellent post Karen! I need to get my hands on some soap and glory products to finally try them out. My Husband and I always do our gift exchange on Christmas Even. Then Christmas we usually spend the day lounging around. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwh that sounds perfect Jamie 🙂 Yep, Soap & Glory are fab! Really yummy stuff and not at all over priced in my opinion… I think you’ll love them! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too huni xo xo


  2. Of course I love the birdies on your new pajamas! So cute! My Mom recently sent me some cute pajamas with an owl on it lol. I imagine my Christmas Eve will be about Christmas movies and hot chocolate as well. I’ve also had my share of Christmas cookies and will probably have some more lol. Great post as always Karen! 🙂 xo

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  3. Love all of these. I especially have to agree with you on Michael Buble. I melt when I hear his voice and when I see him. They had a Christmas special with him singing songs in NYC. That would be the ultimate holiday treat for me one day: NYC during the holiday season and Michael Buble. *Sigh* A girl can dream. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhhh Stephie I missed it!!! Absolutely gutted 😦 I honestly never appreciated his music until lately… he’s amazing. Really need to stock up on a few of his other albums too. I watched an interview with him on Graham Norton and was instantly hooked… what a guy *swooooon* Looks like we’re both dreaming eh huni? lol Thanks for commenting huni – glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 X


  4. Love this! It’s so important to take a break and pamper yourself amidst the stress of the season. As for favorite Christmas Eve traditions, my family orders Chinese food and my sister and I watch the best Christmas episodes of our favorite tv shows 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely, it can get pretty hectic, so having that little bit of ‘me time’ is a great way of recharging the batteries for the festive fun ahead 🙂 Oooh we order Chinese food on Christmas eve too Mil, it’s amazing curling up enjoying a little treat eh? hehe Thanks for commenting huni Xo

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  5. Ooh I really wish we had The Soap and Glory in South Africa, they have some of the nicest products. Enjoy your Christmas eve pampering yourself Karen 🙂


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