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Hello lovelies…

Once again I’m perched at my desk, cup of hot tea in hand ready to present you with another fun filled Behind The Blog. As always, for those of you who happen to be new to Confetti & Curves *huggggee welcome hug*  and aren’t too sure of how this all started or what it’s even about click *here* to bring yourself up to speed! You may even find yourself getting involved, and why not? It’s a great way to get your blog out there and meet amazing new people just like you!

So this morning I have the gorgeous Amy from Blonde Amy joining us! Amy’s a Contemporary Media student from London and adores blogging about a whole range of exciting things that I know you’re going to love as much as I do – so if you haven’t already popped over to see her, make sure you do or you’ll be missing out! She’s a very interactive blogger, who I must say is incredibly friendly & a treat to follow. So without further ado I’ll hand you over the the girl herself… enjoy!

Blonde Amy1

In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:
Fashion, beauty, Life, Fun & Honesty

What inspired you to start blogging?
Since being at University I have realised that I really want to pursue a career in PR and so starting a blog seemed like the best start to start getting experience. It was my friend from last year, also a fellow Amy, who had a beauty blog and I always though “I’d love to do something like that” so in September I took the plunge & not looked back since.

Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block & if so how do you overcome it?
If I don’t know what to write about, I don’t. I believe you can tell when posts are almost ‘forced’ & so they’re not as engaging as the writer is not as motivated. I read magazines, research online and use beauty products all the time so I’m constantly thinking “I could blog about that” and make sure I’m truly inspired before I hit the keyboard.

What’s your favourite post to date? *
This was a simple post thanking my readers for their support as I hit the first milestone of 100 followers and this is continually increasing and I am honestly so grateful for everyone’s support. Blogging is all about the responses received and to get so many lovely comments I really couldn’t thank everyone enough.

Describe your everyday style:
Casual and smart; recently my everyday style consists of high-waisted jeans with a crop top/crop jumper layered with my camel coat and an oversized scarf to complete the look.

What are your current top 3 beauty items?
My platinum blonde hair dye is the biggest thing that I couldn’t live without. Next up is certainly liquid eyeliner; I always need to add a little flick to my eyes. Last but not least, my red lipstick completes the look and adds colour no matter what you wear.

How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?
Nothing is better than running a hot bath with bath bombs in, lighting candles and really letting the stresses of the day vanish. Then to get out and apply a face mask and just chill out watching a cheesy chick flick is essential for a bit of me time.

Describe your ideal Saturday night:
Pyjamas + Duvet + My Boyfriend + Chinese takeaway = Perfect Night in.

What’s your favourite junk food snack?
My American flatmate last year introduced me to the best snack ever. Mini salted pretzels dipped in nutella – the combination of sweet and salty is the BEST snack I’ve ever had!

Everyone has their hidden bad habits, what’s yours?
If my boyfriend is working all day and isn’t due back until 6.30pm I won’t get out of bed until around 5pm, I’ll then go into the living room and ‘mess it up a little’ so it looks like I’ve been moving about all day. It’s dreadful and I’m dreading the day he gets off early. I’m embarrassed just writing it – oops!

What’s your most cherished childhood memory?
I remember when I was going on my first family holiday when I was around 9 and my sister was 5 and we were told we were going to Spain so, excited we headed to Gatwick airport. Before we went to queue at the gate to get on the plane my dad turned around and said “We have something to tell you, we aren’t going to Spain anymore… [me being basically close to tears].. we are going to Disneyland Florida instead and going to swim with dolphins!” It was the BEST DAY and I couldn’t stop crying of happiness.

What was your favourite school subject?
This is a toughy. I’m studying media and photography at Uni so for academic reasons my answer would be media. However, in A level I studied Philosophy and Ethics and one of the teachers was the most gorgeous man ever to be created. He looked just like Olly Murs but more handsome if that was even possible. I was in love with him & on my last day of sixth form he hugged me (I still remember it so well) and he, yes HE, added me on facebook. It’s love ❤

What’s your dream job?
Definitely working in fashion PR. I’m trying to get work experience for next year in London!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I really hope to be working in PR, be living in my own house, engaged/married and I really hope a little baby as I’ve always said I want kids by the time I’m 25! 

What top 5 things are on your bucket list?
1) Visit the Northern Lights around Christmas Time!
2) University has been so hard and leaving home to move 250 miles away to London means I miss everyone everyday so I’d love to graduate with a 1st or 2:1 would be such an achievement
3) I really want the absolute cliché romantic weekend in Paris
4) I want to own a pug so badly
5) To have my own family!

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
Can you believe being blonde means people think you’re stupid? Well I kicked that cliché in the face with getting A*, A* and a B in my A levels (nerd attack) and got into university with a scholarship. I love making my parents proud and their faces were a picture!

Who inspires you?
Everything in all different ways: I know people in Fashion PR and they drive my motivation job wise, my boyfriend’s sister has had a baby at 21 and is an excellent mother and inspires me to want a child of my own and my little sister who overcame a life threatening illness is probably the main one and she is the strongest person I know.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?
“The most important thing is to enjoy life – be happy – it’s all that matters!” – Audrey Hepburn.

Name 3 things that’s top of your Christmas list:
1) NSI Acrylic Nail kit.
2) New Yankee Candles.
3) A brand new fluffy dressing gown.

What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?
Just do it – you will learn as you go! I have no confidence in myself at all and if I let that get in the way I’d never had started. Write about what you genuinely enjoy as you will love blogging, your posts will be really interesting as your passion is evident.


Tea or Coffee = Tea

Coke or Pepsi = Diet Coke

Salad Cream or Mayo = Mayo!

Cute kitten or Playful puppy = Playful Puppy (Pug)

Night In or Night Out = Night in anyday

Heels or Flats = Flats

Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = Lip stick

Rock Chick or Pop Princess =Pop Princess

Paperback or E-book = E-book (love a book on my iPad)

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20 thoughts on “Behind The Blog… featuring Amy from Blonde Amy

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  2. Love this! I especially love how you’re so sure you (Amy) want a family soon while still so young. It’s interesting to see people know what they want (esp in terms of kids) at a very early age. I also love how interviewees almost always choose ‘night in’ as opposed to going out. I would too! Great post as always, Karen!

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    • What a lovely comment Laura – so glad you enjoyed reading it!!! I too have spotted that more bloggers prefer nights in (me too!) between the effort it takes and money spent, the confines of a cosy house with some treats seems so much more appealing!! 😀 X


  3. It was such fun getting to know Amy a bit better! I love her blog and I had a good chuckle at her answer about staying in bed till 5 pm and then disorganising the living room to make it look like she was up and about. 😀 That sounds so like something I would do. 😀 x

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  4. I love posts like this! Getting to know other bloggers, and seeing how the community really empowers and supports one another is just the best. ❤


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