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Hello lovelies…

I hope you’re all keeping well and having a wonderful week? So far I certainly am, although seeing as it’s just one week left to the big day I’ve been making lists galore and double checking I haven’t missed anything crucial out – especially am I’m hosting dinner for 9 this year! *Exciting Eeek*

 However in the midst of all this festive excitement it’s nice to sit down with a cuppa and relax, which is exactly what I’m doing this morning as I present to you another exciting Behind The Blog.

For those of you who are new and would like to catch up on what it’s all about just click *here* – you may even find yourself getting involved 🙂

So today I’m featuring the gorgeous Laura, from Little Laura’s. If you haven’t check out her exquisitely pretty blog already then do pop over and say hi, she really is a sweetie! Although Laura has told me her blog is still under construction, it’s still positively overflowing with personality… so if you love drinking tea, a spot of crafty DIY, catching up with others adventures or simply just hanging out in a pretty place then Little Laura’s is certainly for you!

Okay, enough chatter from me, time to hand you over to the lovely lady herself…


In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:
Food, Baking and Derbyshire Life!

What inspired you to start blogging?
I wanted somewhere to document every thing that I enjoy. I started my blog towards the end of the summer just as we were coming into autumn because it’s my favourite time of year and I thought it would be nice to have something to look back on in a few years to bring back some lovely memories. My blog began as a normal, everyday lifestyle blog but quickly began featuring a lot more food posts because that’s my favourite thing to talk about!

Do you ever suffer from bloggers block & if so how do you overcome it?
I used to suffer from this ALL the time and quickly started blogging about absolutely anything just so I had a post out. But you soon realise that the best posts are the ones about something you truly love. So now, I only write when I have something great to write about.

What’s your favourite post to date?
My favourite post to date is: my Ice creams and dreams, Bakewell post. because it’s an ice cream addicts dream!

Or my Sugar Addicts Honeycomb & Chocolate brittle recipe because it’s the perfect thing for Christmas

Describe your everyday style:
My every day style is quite relaxed. I work in a very small but sometimes busy organisation where comfort is my main priority! I usually wear leggings and a baggy, oversized jumper with my parka, Fossil watch, a chunky necklace and a small leather bag.

What are your current top 3 beauty items?
Dior Diorskin Star Foundation – my saviour when my make up won’t go quite right! Its coverage is amazing and it stays on all day. Nip & Fab Deep Cleansing Fix – I use this product all the time. It has 6 uses but I mainly use it as an overnight moisturising treatment. HD Brow Eyebrow Kit in Foxy. This doubles up as an eye shadow palette and it great for everyday use.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a stressful day?

Go to a Pilates session, have a red hot bath & watch an episode of my favourite series on Netflix!

Describe your ideal Saturday night?
Takeaway, a great film & a bottle of Prosecco.

What’s your favourite junk food snack?
Crisps, any kind! Once I start eating them I can’t stop.

Everyone has their hidden habits, what’s yours?
I like to organise things and make hundreds of lists. I can’t cope with being unorganised!

What’s your most cherished childhood memory?
My favourite childhood memory is also my oldest memory. It was of me, my Nana & my Grandad on a British beach holiday when I was about 2 years old. I can remember sitting wrapped up in a blanket eating a picnic and running into the sea afterwards. It’s my favourite one because they’re my favourite people in the world.

What was your favourite subject at school?
English; especially English literature. I loved how creative it always was and I was in a class with my best friends. And my teacher was lovely.

What’s your dream job?
A baker! Or secretly something like a wedding planner, because I love to plan things!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in a job I love and in my own house with a puppy!

What top 5 thing are on your bucket list?
To travel the world, go back to America, see Coldplay live, live abroad for a while, get married on a beautiful beach!

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
I don’t really have any major achievements to be honest! But I pride myself on looking after my family and being a role model to my younger sister. In terms of my career, I have a few qualifications that I am quite proud of achieving.

Who inspires you?
My dad! He’s the strongest, most supportive person I know. I hope that when I have children of my own, I am able to give them everything my Dad has provided for me.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?
Yes. It’s “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like ever goes out of style”. I have absolutely no idea who it’s by but I really do love it.

Name 3 things at the top of your Christmas list:

Pancake lens for my Lumix GF5, a collection of Estee Lauder lipsticks & a beautiful personal organiser.

What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting a blog?
Be yourself! Talk how you normally would and imagine you’re sat chatting away to a friend with a cuppa! If you write about things that you truly love, you’ll be writing some brilliant posts.

Tea or coffee = Tea. But a herbal one!
Coke or Pepsi = Neither, I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks really.
Salad cream or mayo = Salad cream
Cute kitten or playful puppy = Puppy! A Daschund preferably!
Night in or night out = Night in.
Heels or flats = Flats
Lipstick or lipgloss = Lipstick
Rock chick or pop princess = Pop princess
Paperback or E-book = Paperback all the way!

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Contact Laura: 


Instagram: lauramarshallxxxx

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14 thoughts on “Behind The Blog… featuring Laura from Little Laura’s

  1. Such a nice post 🙂 I love the name of your blog Laura… but did you really have to share the Sugar Addicts Honeycomb & Chocolate brittle recipe? There goes my pre-christmas diet 😉

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  2. Aww i love all her answers! And I really love all the questions! I am excited to check out her blog now lol

    This is such a great feature you have going on! It’s so great that you do this “behind the blog” thing

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