Passionate for Purple?

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Purple is by far one of my favourite wedding colour themes. It’s sassy, classy and full of visual flavour so it’s no surprise that in recent years it’s became one of the top requested colours by brides all over the world. From soft lilac hues to rich Cadbury tones – purple is an instant hit that can exquisitely compliment all four glorious seasons.

However as we’re all feeling a little festive now that December has arrived, I thought I’d put together a post of inspiration for all you lovely ladies out there who are either planning a trip down the aisle, dreaming of it, or just like me – done it but still swooning over the finer details!

So without further ado, I bring a purple coloured sprinkle of inspiration for all you like minded ladies who relish in the thought of combining this beautiful tone with such a cheery time of year…

The Dress

Firstly, if you’re planning a purple winter wonderland themed affair you’ll probably want a dress that suits the occasion. I found this amazing a-line gown by the award winning Sonsie range from Veromia. It boasts the most beautifully detailed bateau neckline that gives an elegant visual with the sweetheart effect, but as a curvy girl I like a little bit of coverage without being too smothered in fabric and this is the perfect compromise… how pretty is the bodice detailing? *sigh*


The one thing I love about Sonsie is the quality behind every gown – it’s exquisite. And as a responsible ex-retailer & supporter of local businesses make sure you visit their website to get a list of authorised stockists, rather than opting for an inferior internet copy that could potentially cost you heartache and money!

The Jewellery

If you’re opting for purple, why not incorporate hints of colours into your wedding accessories? This delicate lilac charm bracelet, necklace and earring range by Julieanne is the perfect way to playfully add your favourite shade into your ensemble. I love the range of purple tones and with prices starting from £19.50 for such beautifully crafted handmade items, they’re a must-have! Of course items like this can be worn time and time again after the big day so you’re able to always make use of your stunning accessories; rather than hiding them away in a jewellery cabinet for years to come.

Purple jewellery

The Shoes

Of course no outfit would be completely without a dazzling pair of party feet – and this isn’t the time to get all tootsie shy girls! A statement pair of coloured stilettos has been fast becoming the rage amongst brides for quite some time now, and with high street stores awash with so many lavish designs it’s not hard to find yourself feeling just as excited as the iconic Carrie Bradshaw would be. I’m personally in love with this designer pair from Alexander McQueen. I know, I know – you’re lost for words right?! *deep breaths*


The Maids

One of the things I love most about this sassy shade is the fact that’s is so darn versatile. Literally any shape, size, skin or hair tone can pull off purple with ease – unlike many of the other shades on a colour chart. Purple is incredibly flattering and with a multitude of seriously beautiful hues you’re never stuck for choice. It can look amazing teamed up with other vibrant shades such as fuscia, merged with dazzling metallics, or kept classy with mono-tones such as black or ivory. Take a peek at this gorgeous trio of purple clad lovelies also available from D’Zage by Veromia… the striking colour, soft dipped neckline and flattering bodice that is gathered by a side embellishment makes for the perfect maids gown, don’t you think?


The Venue

I must say in all my experience of working with brides the venue is something that can easily overwhelm, thankfully wedding planners and venue designers are much more affordable and easy to come by these days, so if you’re stuck for inspiration the best place to start for guidance is your venue who will more than likely have their own wedding co-ordinator on site. For me this wonderful Purple Winter décor is an absolute visual stunner – just look at the detail, it’s like something from a Disney movie. Again, it shows how incredibly well purple and winter go hand-in-hand!

Purple Venue

The Little Details

As I was wading my way through images of inspiration, I came across this beautiful little picture of a table set with some cute clear/purple baubles that can also double as place settings. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m also rather taken by the purple wine glass too – it’s all those fun little touches that bring the whole look together.

Purple table details

The Cake

Gone are the days of boring cake designs as the revolution of self taught bakers and cup-cake makers take over our social media news feeds and dominate our extra special occasions. However for me I still love the classic ivory cake finished off with just a pop of colour, and what better way to do this than with gorgeous purple sugar petals? Just look at how vibrant it sits against the traditionally classic cake. I’d happily renew my vows for this alone!! *hehe*

Purple Cake

The bouquet

Brooch bouquets are one of my all time favourite bridal accessories and this one by the talented Noaki absolutely blows me away – it’s utterly breathtaking. The wonderful thing about a brooch bouquet is not only is it something you can keep forever as a sentimental heirloom, you can also incorporate any little treasures from loved ones who aren’t able to join you on your special day.

Purple Brooch Bouquet

So there you have it, my little pearls of inspiration when it comes to planning a purple themed winter wedding – I hope you like all my top picks.

Is purple one of your favourite colours? What theme would you fall in love with? Whether you’re single, engaged or already hitched I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below…

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*Please note this is not a sponsored post – all product choices & opinions are my own*

25 thoughts on “Passionate for Purple?

  1. I’m a bridesmaid in a purple-themed wedding 🙂 it’s in the spring, so probably a lighter purple? (We’re getting fitted for our dresses and looking at centerpieces and flower arrangements with the bride in a couple of weeks, so it’s all a giant mystery.) Any way, winter weddings have always fascinated me; they bring brightness and warmth to a time of darkness and bitter cold (at least in the Midwest). Love the purple!


    • Hi Liz, thanks so much for commenting – the spring wedding sounds beautiful, I too am guessing the bride will opt for a lighter shade rather than the darker hues. Still equally as beautiful! My wedding was in summer in Scotland, I had an iridescent lilac which was stunning – I loved the softness of it 🙂 I agree, winter weddings are fascinating! Good luck with your fittings and all the fun inbetween and thereafter, keep me posted on progress, I’d love to hear about it 😀 X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. me and my mum love that colour so much especially as the main wedding theme colour, so pretty and fits perfectly if you have a ‘near christmas wedding’ 🙂 p.s was reading your old ‘one lovely blog award’ post and remembered your spooky haunted house (future blog post) *hint,hint* only i’d absolutley love to know more about it and am really intrigued by this haha 🙂 x x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Millie – it’s sooo pretty & a huge fav with soooo many for any time of year! Oooh, wow – yes, I forgot about that! Once I have a little window free I will pop a blog up about it! I think you’ll love it – very very spooky!!! Hope you’re well sweetie – your Behind The Blog goes live tomorrow morning Eeeeep! 🙂 K Xo


  3. Such a wonderful post Karen! 🙂 Purple is my FAVORITE color! As you already know, I definitely am using this color in my future wedding someday lol. ❤ xo


    • Awwwh, what a sincerely lovely comment Nati, greatly appreciated and thank you SO much for the award nomination – I’m chuffed to bits… I have a few of them to post so must get my head around things and get cracking! hehe *huge hugs* 😀 X


  4. Love purple! I was in a wedding this past Oct as a bridesmaid and our dresses were plum colored. I really feel like you can’t wrong with purple, there’s so many lovely shades to choose from. Btw the rose cupcakes look amazing! Everything you posted is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jen, thanks so much for commenting, I absolutely adore plum colours – it’s my ultimate autumn/winter shade!! Sounds absolutely beautiful, and I agree – you just cannot go wrong with purple. Aren’t the cupcakes amazing? Delighted you like it all 😀 X

      Liked by 1 person

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