The ‘Me’ Spree

The Me Spree

Good morning lovelies…

Wishing you all a very merry 1st December, we’re officially on the count down for the man in the big red suit arriving! Yes, advent calendars are at the ready today as the excitement starts to bubble, I know it is in the Rees household – we even put our decorations up yesterday, and I have to say the living room looks suspiciously like a mini Santa’s grotto *woo hoo*

Anyways, that’s enough of the Christmas cheer *bah humbug*, now onto today’s post:

My hubby says he can always immediately tell when I’ve been on a mini treat-trip, even before he’s set eyes on the clatter of bags piled up in the car boot. No, he’s not a psychic, he just needs to glance at the back of my multicoloured hand which is a portrait of lipstick marks, foundation smudges and eye shadow smears… of course with glorious pay-day arriving last week it was only right I contributed to keeping the economy flourishing by indulging in a little ‘me spree’, hence returning home with yet another vibrantly coloured hand…

‘So what goodies did you get?’ I hear you hark! Well, seeing as I’ve been such a good girl this year I’m hoping Santa might leave a few little something’s below the tree, so instead of running riot in the aisles of Debenhams I kept it to my favourite pocket-friendly sanctuary: Superdrug. I have to say I was mightily impressed with nabbing this lot for under £25; take a peek for yourself…

Me Spree products

 1) First on my list was Garnier Micellar Water and seeing as it was on offer at around £3 a bottle I’d have been a fool not to nab it – it was also the last on the shelf so clearly a popular seller! I’ve been super surprised at the multitude of rave reviews I’ve been reading for something so affordable… just goes to show not everything fabulously famous need carry a hefty price tag ladies *yippee*

2) What girly shopping trip would be complete without a fizzy Flutter Bath Bomb to pop in one’s tub? This little cutie was on offer for £1, I simply couldn’t refuse… in fact I just might buy a few more to pop in some Christmas stockings!

3) I’m normally an orange citrus-scent kinda gal but when I sniffed this Dragonfruit & Vanilla Shower Cream I was utterly hooked *cue inappropriate aisle groaning* however, I must admit it has thee most gorgeous scent… fresh, fruity & subtly sweet without being too sickly. Really looking forward to lathering up with this yummy little bottle of goodness!

4) Okay, so this one isn’t a Superdrug buy, but Claire’s was right next door…. yada yada yada. Anyways, where have I been this past decade?! I do believe I’m the last remaining human to discover that Claire’s Accessories has a make-up range! So when I spotted this sparkly little palette I simply couldn’t resist bringing it home with me. My lids have been screaming out for a wash of festive glimmer, and this looks just the fella for the job… I sincerely hope it’s as good as it looks!

5) I’ve been using Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation for the last 2 years and I must admit it has never let me down or even caused my eye to wander towards another brand of something new. What’s even better is that since beefing up my skincare routine it’s only gone and impressed me even more with its staying power and smooth coverage!

6) Having previously spent a mere £6 on the MUA ‘Heaven & Earth’ palette, I’ve been blown away by the quality of product for such teeny investment. So considering it’s already a winner I decided to dip my toe a little further into the range to see if it really is as good as so many others claim it to be… the blusher, liquid liner and eye primer were all £1 each so it’s not going to plunge me into financial ruin if it doesn’t work out, however I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed for great results going by the opinions of countless others!

Have you tried any of the above or had a recent ‘Me Spree’, if so what’s been your favourite purchase? As always, I love reading your fabulous feedback in the comments below so do let me know your thoughts or any recent goodies you’ve treated yourself too 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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 *All pictures were taken using my Mini Photo Studio… wanna find out how to make you own? Just click here and get creative*

40 thoughts on “The ‘Me’ Spree

  1. I love Garnier Micellar, wouldn’t be without it. I have several MUA eye palettes, all of which are super-impressive for the price, I think, but haven’t been so impressed with their other offerings. Will be interested to hear what you think of the eye primer, as I didn’t get on with it at all. Have added the foundation to my must-try list. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Caroline, thanks so much for commenting 🙂 Glad to hear that about the Micellar Water – I must say I’m really enjoying using it too! I seem to have heard alot of good things about the MUA foundation but I’m so fussy when it comes to foundation and the Rimmel works so well for me. Gave the eye primer a go this morning but I’m not entirely sure it’s made a huge difference?! Will give it a few weeks and see how it goes 🙂 X


    • Oh Rach you must!! Honestly for the money they really are fab 🙂 There’s a few other colour combo choices… I’ve heard so many good things about the ‘undressed’ palette that I think I’ll buy it next – the others are a little too colourful for me, beautiful but bold lol X


    • Hi huni, soooo good to see you! I know – we haven’t chatted in ages! Yes, I sent you a reply & message to say you’d be appearing this Thursday, have just resent a little test but this time I hit the reply button instead of a new message – hopefully you’ll have got it okay, drop me a line just to confirm 🙂 X

      Ps: Glad to hear you like the primer – hopefully it’ll work just as well for me too!!


    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Holly 🙂 So far so good with the Micellar water – it’s amazingly refreshing and does such a great job but will pop a proper review post up… such a shame you can’t find it in the USA 😦 Keeping fingers crossed you hunt down a bottle, you will love it!!!!! Xo


  2. Im currently loving the micellar water too! I must be on like my 4th bottle now. It’s soooo good for when I can’t be bothered to take my makeup off properly haha. Ps your photos are looking great. I must get round to trying that diy mini studio! Xx


    • Hi Laura, great to hear from yet another fan of the Micellar water – this is my 1st time and after only 3 applications I’m already impressed, I can see why you’ve gone through quite a few!! It’s so refreshing too! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, do have a go at the mini studio – very quick and easy, but makes light work of finding new places for product shots 😀 Xo


    • Seriously Jules, have you not seen it over there? I think you’re the second person to mention that – such a shame! If you can find something similar give it a whirl, you’ll love it 🙂 X


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