2 thoughts on “First Friday Feature!

  1. Hey Karen! A reader on my blog had a question for you, so I thought I would drop by and link you to her!

    “I am so happy that Karen was your first Friday Feature. I adore her and love learning more about her interest.

    Karen if you read this comment, I am curious about your manuscript. Do you mind sharing what it’s about? I was also wondering if you work freelance or for a company? Thanks.” -Asa from http://laceandpearlsblog.com/

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    • Hey Cyndel – yes I know Asa, she’s lovely and will be featuring on Behind The Blog v soon πŸ™‚ No probs at all – shall surely answer what I can: I can’t say too much about my manuscript at the moment, however to give you a little insight it’s a really unique & fun guide that draws on my experiences in the wedding industry! Yes, I do work freelance, however much of my time at the moment is dedicated to meeting deadlines for getting my 1st draft done & dusted. Hope that helps πŸ™‚ X

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