Covering A Tattoo For The Big Day…

Tattoo Cover up

At the tender age of 16 (and without my parent’s permission I must add) I totted off to a local Tattoo Parlour with the notion of signing up for my own little permanent patch of ink. Of course I hadn’t quite matured enough to stop and think of the long term implications, but conforming to the trends amongst my peers I opted for a small oriental symbol on the top of my right arm. The bizarre thing is I had no real inner desire for permanently etching such a tiny irrelevant symbol on my body, however what’s worse is after the initial unveiling I’ve buried it under long sleeved tops ever since because I’m so self conscious of showing my chunky pale arms. See, utter stupidity!

A few years later when I started working in the wedding industry, I quickly discovered I wasn’t the only rebellious teenager that made a thoughtless spur of the moment decision – there are in fact countless others who all highly regret their impulsive tats. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with many gorgeous brides who have worn their full sleeves of amazing designs with pride and looked amazing for it. Maybe it’s because their markings have meaning, sentiment and look incredibly beautiful. Yes, the expression of personality is impressive but for other brides it leads to a common dilemma… how do I cover my tats?

Laser Treatments

This is probably the most common option for those who are eager to say goodbye to their ink permanently, however it doesn’t come without potential consequences. Yes, it may well be a permanent solution but it’s expensive, painful, can leave nasty scaring and take multiple sessions without the guarantee of removing it completely. However there is slightly more hopeful news for those of you who have a darker coloured designs as apparently it’s easier to break down the pigmentation of black and dark blue inks compared to colours. Definitely worth looking into if you’re adamant ink free is your only option.

 Laser removal

The White-Out Technique

From my own snippets of research this seems a bit of a touchy subject amongst the tattoo guru’s. Basically the concept behind ‘whiting out’ is when the tattooist covers over the unwanted tattoo with white ink to create a fading effect. Although it would seem that results depend solely on the design and colour, from a personal point of view I’m not entirely convinced on this option. There’s quite a bit of scepticism amongst experienced tattoo artists who disagree with whiting-out, deeming it a flawed concept that could potentially make the problem worse than better. Is it worth while exploring? I’m not convinced. But if it’s something you’re intrigued in learning more about make sure you do your research, speak with the pro’s and anyone who has tried and tested this controversial technique with designs similar to your own.

tattoo artist


I must admit, I’m genuinely surprised at the lack of products advertised claiming to solve this problem. I would have thought bridal magazines would be a perfect source considering it’s an obvious target market, clearly not, as I’ve yet to see anything advertised in any of the wedding glossies tackling the issue. However after some digging around online I found what I’d consider a bloody good solution for temporary tattoo coverage. Tattoo Secrets claims to provide all the fundamental solutions via a nifty little Tattoo Cover-Up kit for £29.99 – to be fair not a bad price for eradicating a sticky situation for many brides to be. However like any product, it’s worthwhile ordering this asap for an early test run to ensure it doesn’t flair up any nasty reactions and (of course) does the job it claims to… a pretty sound option if you ask me!



Of course the blazingly obvious choice is to cover up the key area using accessories, and with most tattoos being on the arm/back/shoulder/ankle this isn’t really a hard task. There are endless styles of pretty little boleros, shrugs, wraps etc to keep you covered. However one thing you’ll need to consider is if you intend to wear your accessory throughout the day. This might seem like an easy task in mid winter but many forget to take into account that that it can get pretty hot indoors when cooped up in a satin shrug. If you’ve bought (or are buying) your gown from a local bridal boutique it’s definitely important to highlight any areas you feel conscious about showing so as a potential solution can be pinpointed early on. Remember your consultant has more than likely worked with dozens of brides that have the same issue, so she may have the perfect resolution tucked right up her sleeve. If you’re currently on the hunt for something straight forward, check out the range of pretty accessories Liberty In Love have to offer. They’re rather fetching don’t you think?

 Liberty in Love

To be honest, prevention is always better than finding a cure. From someone who bitterly regrets the ‘spur of the moment’ decision to get a tattoo I’d highly recommend you think before you ink as it’s something you may later regret. Asking yourself why you’re getting it done can sometimes be enough to make you stop and think before you take the permanent plunge. Remember it’s not a crayon stain, it can’t be rubbed off if you get bored with the idea… once it’s there it aint going anywhere!

Do you have a tattoo regret or have toyed with the idea of getting one? Have you experienced laser treatment or had to disguise your ink at any stage? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below… thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Covering A Tattoo For The Big Day…

  1. One of the girls I used to do ballet with got a large tattoo on her wrist last year and it made things quite difficult when it came to ballet exams or eisteddfods where they are extremely strict when it comes to appearance. She would spend ages trying to cover it up so she wouldn’t get marked down and the make-up would just move. This is a very thoughtful article, Karen. 🙂 There isn’t enough information available especially in bridal magazines. Come to think of it, I have actually never seen a photograph of a bride with tattoos in a bridal magazine. They should cater for all tastes and style-choices, in my opinion.


  2. I have a tattoo but it’s sentimental and I thought long and hard about it before taking the plunge. I haven’t ever felt the need to cover it up, although I did get it on an area that’s easily covered (my foot).

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    • Hi Amber 🙂 Good for you, it’s a great idea when it’s thought out and sentimental such as your own. That a pretty easy area to cover up if you needed too but I always think to myself, what is the point of getting one if you want to cover it anyways?! Hence the stupidity of my decision!! *rolls eyes* 😀 x

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  3. When I talk to my Mum about wanting tattoos she always says “What about on your wedding day?” and I’m like “Mum, I want tattoos for really special reasons, I want people to see them every day and especially on my wedding day” and she just sighs and I’m like “well… there’s always make up!” just too keep her happy XD xx


    • lol Chloe 😀 That’s probably how I’d react with my little girl, having said that I HATE my tattoo – such a regret 😦 But I do agree with the fact that if you’re going to get one, you shouldn’t want to hide it lol x

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      • Aw do you really not like it? That’s such a shame! Have you ever thought of going to a tattoo artist and seeing if they can turn it into something else? I know someone who has done that and know they love it! 😀 x


      • I really really really don’t like it at all, which I agree is such a shame. Horrid looking thing with no meaning at all 😦 I would but seeing as I *also* dislike the top of my arms I deem it pointless as it would never see daylight lol But a good suggestion none the less Chloe 🙂 xo


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