Planning The Ultimate Girls Night In…

Girls Night In

Hello lovelies…

As our long summer evenings are all but a distant memory, it’s now the season to dig out your onesie, round up your gal pals and opt for a cosy night in. What could be better on these chilly autumn evenings than curling up in front of a roaring fire as you giggle uncontrollably with your besties? So to help bring on the season of jolly nights in & sparkling slumber parties, here’s a few pearls of inspiration for hosting an evening your ladies will love…

 The Attire

Super-ultra-comfy is the dress code for this posse party. You’re not hitting the clubs, pubs or that new fancy-shmancy restaurant… the furthest you’ll be shuffling is into the kitchen to top up that wine glass. That’s right ladies, kick off those stilettos and don your cosiest pair of slipper socks. Forget the little black dress – it’s all about the little pink onesie tonight!

 The Nibbles

Unless you’re hosting a pyjama party the eve before your slimming club weigh-in (BAD idea) then this isn’t the night for hiding your snack bowls. It’s okay to let your hair down once in a while and stock up on goodies – as long as it’s all in moderation. If you’re planning on ordering takeaway food but watching the calories is still priority, then why not opt for something with lots of veg or healthier side orders such as boiled rice rather than fried. Don’t forget to provide lighter snacks throughout the night such as homemade popcorn, various vegetable sticks with creamy dips, chocolate covered strawberries, frozen yoghurt with a drizzle of syrup etc. Whoever said you can’t be naughty & nice all at once?

 The Drinks

What girly night in wouldn’t be complete without a colourful tipple or two? And nowadays there’s more choice than ever with freezable cocktails and brightly coloured Spritzers lining shop shelves. However if you’re planning on staying a little more sober for the occasion then you could opt for virgin cocktails, alcohol free beer, shandy, ice-cream floats, milk shakes, hot chocolate… you don’t need a head-melting hangover to have fun, just a great set of mates!

 The Entertainment

Avoid scheduling activities and just go with the flow, however keep in mind a few really fun things to do such as board games, box sets, movies, mini make-over, Charades, Twister. You could go for a theme such as Nintendo Wii Dance Challenge Night which combines fun & exercise all in one go – perfect for health & fitness fanatics. If something a little more relaxing is on the cards then there’s probably nothing more suiting than a good old pamper party consisting of face masks, manicures & make-up. Don’t forget to throw in a few classic episodes of Sex And The City… give them a night Carrie & the gals would be proud off.

 Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to lace your space with a few little essentials to help set the mood. Strategically placed tea-lights, scented candles and battery operated fairy lights can really make for a cosy crib. It’s also a good idea to have all your glasses, snacks and entertainment goodies at hand so you don’t have to dig things out things or hunt for a missing DVD half way through your evening.

What’s your must have’s for spending a great night in with friends? Have you any interesting games or treat ideas? As always I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheerio chums…

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32 thoughts on “Planning The Ultimate Girls Night In…

  1. Awesome post as always Karen! When I think of a girl’s night in, it’s always food/drinks, gossip and makeovers… and in that order, and we always end up playing ‘spin the bottle’ (though we usually end up discussing the truths revealed and drooling over our crushes 😉

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  2. Nights in with the closest of your friends are always nights to be remembered! My friends and I often video ourselves being silly on girls’ nights and laugh until tears are streaming down our faces rewatching them at a later stage. Playing 30 Seconds or Pictionary are also always winners! 😀 I feel inspired to organise a girls’ night now. 🙂 xx

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    • Sounds sooooooooo much fun Nadine – of only SA wasn’t so far away I’d be helping you organise one. I can only imagine the crazy roars of laughter 😀 Once studying is done go grab your girlies and get a night sorted, why not eh? 🙂 K Xo

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      • I most certainly will! That would be a wonderful way to just wind down after all the exam stress. That’s after I have my post-exam sleep-in. I always end up sleeping for about 13 hours straight the day after I write my last exam. 😀
        My friends are amazing!
        I am sure you would plan one of the best girls’ nights in the history of girls’ nights. 😀 xx

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  3. Super post! I love making things all cozy for a night in! There is a board game I love called Quelf. It is like board game charades with hilarious actions. The more people to play the better. I have many videos of people playing Quelf on my phone. Whenever I am in need of a laugh or am homesick, I look at them! I also love your snack suggestions. What night in is complete without them?!

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    • Thanks so much lovely 😀 I’ve never heard of Quelf but I’m really intrigued – sounds like something I would bloooming love! Must check it out – and yes I agree, nibbles are SOOO important… well, for me anyway lol x


  4. What a fun post Karen! I haven’t had a girls’ night is so very long. You listed so many options for entertainment, how could a night with close friends go wrong. 😉 Right now I’m imagining hosting a night in with some friends. I already know what movies I want to play too, one of them is…The Holiday of course! And, chocolate covered strawberries would be a hit! Thanks for the post, you’ve got me thinking. 🙂



    • Hi Maria, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Delighted it inspired your imagination 🙂 I’m the same – it’s been sooooo long since I’ve had a girls night in, it’s well over due!! Get the girls round for some choccie strawbs & let me know how it goes hehe 😀 *cyber hugs back at ya* K xo

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  5. For me and my friends, no girls night in is complete without someone picking up our favorite pizza from a little hole-in-the wall restaurant in our neighborhood. We’ve also recently started making wine slushies: you do a few different reds (or a few different whites), a 1/2 cup of sugar (or Splenda) for each bottle of wine used, and lots of ice and blend until you reach the desired consistency. So good–and slightly dangerous!

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    • Oooh I’m liking the sound of that… suddenly I’m feeling veyr thirsty!! lol So tempted to give them a go this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing, and of course the pizza is mandatory!! 😉 K xo


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