Top Tips For A Stress-Free Pre-Wedding Eve…

 Pre Wedding Eve


Picture this… it’s the eve of your big day, you’re filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement as your beloved besties descend upon you, all eager to commemorate your last ‘official’ night of freedom. However before you start popping the champagne corks and divulging in new posh pamper products take a few moments to consider the potential consequences…

1) Don’t Bring On The Bubbly:

It’s pretty normal for most of us to want to relax, unwind or even celebrate all those hard months of wedding planning with a little glass of something sparkling, but before you go hunting down the corkscrew consider the potential headache you could end up nursing the following morning… definitely not the best start to one of the biggest days of your life eh?

2) Leave Lathering Up:

If you’ve managed to keep your pores looking as pristine as possible, it’s probably safe to say the last thing you’ll want is an outbreak of spots or a ghastly rash from a seemingly harmless new bubble bath or luxurious face mask, to ruin that flawless blushing-bride glow. Making changes to your regular skin care routine the night before your wedding is like playing Potion Roulette, it’s simply not worth the risk regardless how expensive, fabulous or highly recommended the product is.

3) Ditch the Movie:

If you’re already up to high doe with nerves (as most brides are on the eve of their wedding) you’re probably best avoiding any wedding related chick flicks. As fun and harmless as they may seem, most of the time the story line is littered with pre-wedding disasters – not great for the nervous system if you’re potentially on the edge of your perch!

4) Hold the Hair Care:

Those ladies who religiously wash their hair every single day of the week will struggle with this one, however your hairdresser certainly won’t be impressed with your head full of super, soft & silky locks. Freshly washed hair can be incredibly hard to style and work with – so if you can bear the thought of lathering up the night before the eve of your wedding it’s probably best to do so.

5) Case Closed:

You’ve more than likely spent several months obsessing over the tiniest little details, so pawing through your planner file at 11:45 pm is a recipe for inducing a full on panic attack that will undoubtedly leave you pacing the floors hours later. Just remember *almost* every problem has a solution. Step away from the wedding paper-work and quit obsessing!



I know, I know… it’s much easier said than done when you consider the combination of emotions leading up to the big day. However having worked with hundreds of brides, I’ve discovered some of the most effective pre-wedding nights pretty much boils down to being super organised and willing to take some much needed time to yourself. Light exercise (such as a gentle walk) followed by a relaxing bath and curling up with a great book is a super way to keep you feeling calm and your mind distracted. Don’t forget to stock on some relaxing herbal tea that can help aid a great night’s slumber –  just make sure you try it well before hand so you don’t end up with an upset tummy. Take no chances, keep it stress-free, familiar and you’ll reap the rewards!

If you have any tips to share on what helps you relax or de-stress I’d love to read them in the comments below… as always thanks for reading!

Cheerio chums 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Top Tips For A Stress-Free Pre-Wedding Eve…

  1. Ah no! It happened again! So sorry! I should never type on my phone. :$ What I meant to say is that although I am far from marriage, I adore articles like this one. 🙂 xx


    • Haaaha never worry about it! :L Awww thanks so much Nadine… just a few little tips I’ve picked up along the way thanks to a few other brides I’ve worked with 😀 Such a lovely compliment – glad you enjoyed it 🙂 X

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    • Lol Amelia – I felt exactly the same however I was under strict instructions from my stylist (I quote) “Under no uncertain terms do you wash your hair Karen… or else I quit!!!” – so I refrained and right enough it worked so much better than the trial! Maybe a few squirts of dry shampoo is a good compromise for you, otherwise say nothing to your hairdresser & hope for the best lovely :L x


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