The Must-Have Make-Up Bag…


Recently I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect make up bag, yet bizarrely none of my high street finds uncovered a new little beauty-nest I loved enough to bring back home with me. Everything has either been too small, not pretty enough or just ridiculously overpriced for what it is. Maybe I’m just a hard gal to please, but when it comes to picking a cosmetic bag (for me) it needs to tick three boxes: pretty, functional and affordable. I just want something I can lift, love and admire without it overly denting the contents of my bank account.


I admit, all seemed lost until a few weeks ago when a gorgeous raspberry coloured item caught my eye whilst wandering around Ikea. Honing in for a closer inspection I couldn’t believe my luck… surely I hadn’t gone and found the perfect home for all my make-up goodies?

It was indeed love at first sight, so you can imagine my inner jumps of joy when I unzipped it to discover the vast amount of room for my assortment of eye palettes, blusher compacts, lip pencils and glosses. There was even a tiny inner compartment to house my eyelash curlers and brushes, along with a roomy outer pocket to stuff any other little trinkets in. Best of all ladies *brace yourselves* it was a mere £3.75 thanks to my Ikea family card which knocked a further £1.25 of its original £5 price tag *thud of lower jaw hitting floor*


Isn’t it beeeeeautiful? *swoon* It’s made of a strong nylon material that’s wipe clean, which helps keep it free of grubby make-up finger prints and looking fresh as a daisy on the outside. Another fantastic feature is that when the bag is opened, it stays wide open due to a hidden framing around the edge of the mouth of the bag so you can clearly see what you’re looking for – makes having to drop everything and rummage through it with make-up covered mits a thing of the past!

Although the gorgeous pop of pink is what initially caught my eye (it’s not a sickly ‘bubble gum’ pink but more of a rich raspberry/cerise tone) it does comes in navy or black – always handy to know if raspberry just isn’t your thing or you’re tempted to treat your fella to a less girly version… perfect for any upcoming holidays or romantic getaways don’t you think?

I really love the chunky metal zipper, it’s incredibly heavy duty, which for me is a huge bonus considering the zips on my last few cosmetic bags have ended up jamming, sticking or simply going bust within a matter of months. I actually bought the smaller pink Ikea bag (pictured below) about a year ago to use as a pencil case and I have to say it’s still like new and showing no signs of wear, tear or zipper weakness.


After a considerable amount of searching I finally found it on the Ikea website (click here) otherwise you’ll just have to haul yourself along to your nearest store to pick one up personally – not a bad thing considering there’s so many other great items on offer for around the home. If like myself you’re a ‘self confessed candle addict’ I’d advise you give them a try too as they’re relatively long lasting and the fragrances are beautiful. I always end up stocking up on a few new packs every time I visit and as a result my cupboards are currently coming down with scented tea tree lights and candle holders!

 IMG_1901 IMG_1905

For the price, these handsome little holdalls are amazing quality, durable, roomy, functional and quite the eye candy… I’ve had numerous compliments about mine so far. So if you’re also on the look-out for a dazzling new cosmetic, make up or travel bag, get yourself down to your local Ikea store… it’s well worth the trip!

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21 thoughts on “The Must-Have Make-Up Bag…

  1. Omg that make up bag is such a gorgeous colour 😮 want! Haha have you ever bought any of the ted baker ones? They are quiet (very) pricey but soo lovely 🙂 ideal Xmas pressie. I’m loving the sorts of blog posts your doing recently it looks like you’ve been doing this sort of thing for years and I’m not just saying that 🙂 I will be staying tuned xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Milliiee thank you so much for such a lovely compliment!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts just as much as I am writing them 🙂
      Yes, it’s a gorgeous colour – I absolutely love it & there’s so much room for all my bits & pieces! The Ted Baker bags are beautiful – I actually have my eye on the Talen metalli jewellery case, it’s so pretty! Might have to persuade Santa to add it to my Christmas list 😉 X


  2. No problem your very welcome 🙂 and yes best get writing to santa soon i cant believe christmas is so near i cant wait i looove christmas so much as its my favorite time of year 🙂 and yes i’m loving reading your posts and i’ve seen a lot of people have gained your following recently very exciting isn’t it? Since starting blogging i never realised people in the same concept as you could be so lovely and thoughtful im definatly going to carry on with this 🙂 I recently did a post called ‘chit chat’ and asked for any suggestions or requests for my blogposts if you have any for me i would absolutly love to hear them thankyou so much for being such a nice person who comments with meaning!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so welcome 🙂 I find the it such a lovely online community & I must admit everyone I’ve spoken to has been so friendly & supportive – it’s great being able to chat and connect with like minded people 😀
      Ooh, must check out your link and see if I can muster up a request! hehe Happy Blogging x


  3. I know the community is soo lovely to talk to and so truthful speaking too i love it 🙂 aww and thankyou for that it really does mean a lot to me when people read/comment/like my blog as im sure it does to you too 🙂

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